Protest tonight? About school closures

1mumof4, Sep 18, 8:22pm
Caught a bit of it on Breakfast.Something about a protest over the school closures at 5.30 at the Bridge of Remembrance!Does anyone have more information please!

robyn35, Sep 18, 8:28pm
all I know about tonights one is what you have posted, the other one on Saturday is being advertised

Save our Schools and our Communities

Public Rally

WHEN Saturday 22nd Sept at 12 noon

WHERE Hagley Netball Courts

Guest Speakers

Richard Paton (Chisnallwood) ,Jennifer O??

1mumof4, Sep 18, 8:33pm
Thanks Robyn.The one you've posted sounds much better; better time and better place!We'll be there.

robyn35, Sep 18, 8:43pm
I know it seems a bit of a shame that they havent joined together IMO

charlieb2, Sep 18, 8:55pm
The one tonight is launching a petition about Democracy in Chch (I think) so not directly about the school thing.

lambrat, Sep 18, 11:27pm
the one this evening at 5:30pm is at the bridge of remembrance, its a pro-democracy & pro-consultation rally

wanderer52, Sep 19, 2:10am
Tonight's rally is to celebrate the 20 year fight by NZ suffragettesled by Kate Sheppard. An Electoral bill was passed in September 1893 that gave all New Zealand women the vote, the first in the world. To celebrate democracy. It's also to protest the erosion of democracy in Christchurch since September 2011.
Suffrage Day is celebrated every year on this day.

go_redandblack, Sep 19, 2:29am
nice night for it. Is it catered!

wanderer52, Sep 19, 2:35am
That would be nice eh!

ramazon, Sep 19, 3:21am
There are several speakers tonight including several on the education issues/consultation

sunnychch, Sep 19, 8:30am
shirley boys having public meeting tues 25th sept at 7pm at the school with principal, chairperson and MOE reps and Avonside Girls on mon 24 th sept at 7pm at the school library, with one at each school its lookin like a busy week next week

speckles1, Sep 19, 8:36am

mikechch, Sep 19, 10:14am
surprisingly well-attended, considering the time of day and at short notice

even more interestingly, a huge cross section of ages and apparent political loyalties

retroqueen1, Sep 19, 10:22am
The Saturday Rally had better have double the numbers, being a weekend day.

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