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holly_turner, Sep 14, 7:48am
Surely there is something we can do - surely Christchurch residents don't want this.

I say that we should be saying no, that the government cannot do this without telling us exactly why they are. We should be demanding transparency from the government, and we need well organised rallies to show how we feel.

A rally in Hagley park on a weekend organised well in advance with excellent speakers for instance. I can see now the small children holding up placards showing how many km their commute will increase by. School students should never be forced to commute outside their local area.

I really can't myself - I wish I could, I loved running a peaceful rally for Burma a few years ago - but I hope someone or even a committee will do this

robyn35, Sep 14, 8:36am
someone has already announced a protest at the Hagley Park netball courts, think it was for the 22nd Sept.Just caught the end of the announcement on the radio

puddles11, Sep 14, 9:05am
Welcome to the new Christchurch. and this is just the beginning.

bubbleburp, Sep 14, 9:12am
no point protesting against the dictatorship that we have as national govt.

samargh, Sep 14, 9:24am
Really! They did a flip flop over dropping the cooking and wood/metal work teachers in intermediates. Perhaps we can make a difference. We don't know unless we try.

pommie74, Sep 14, 9:56am
True, I bombarded emails to jk, hekia and my mp regarding the class sizes!Go for it!

timetogo, Sep 15, 12:10am
The Save Our Schools and Our Communities Rally is organised for 12 Noon on 22 September at the Hagley Netball Courts.

mbos, Sep 15, 12:21am
We will BE THERE.

retroqueen1, Sep 15, 12:21am
Is this posted on Facebook as an event!

mbos, Sep 15, 12:28am
I've just posted the protest details in Parenting as well.

halfasmile, Sep 15, 12:29am
my current fb status .lol. This School stuff is creating so much Stress, Anger and fresh Emotion and upset. The Government has messed with people, families and there homes, insurances, EQC Headaches, zoning and re-zoning. Our kids have been through so much in 2 years ! Its been there schools, there teachers and the bonds they have there, that have kept a form of stability for them, a sense of security for them - so why Government is it now there turn to face the turmoil that you have put us families through! - you only get 1 shot at an Education, and doing this to children in christchurch (an already incredibly delicate and hurting city) it seems you are now looking for extra ways to kick us when we are already down.all this talk of we will be there, we will support you christchurch in your rebuild - SERIOUSLY! when was this taking place! - Chisnallwood Intermediate a school i wanted to send my girls too as a stepping stone for them to move onto high school - and you now want to close that school, 3 primary's and a high school and collaborate them into 1 Mega schooling hub built on whats known as 1 of the worst streets here in Christchurch - seriously wake the f*k up and listen to the people of christchurch! stop sitting in the beehive and making decisions on our behalfs, if you dont live here, you dont understand just how it is being in Christchruch now. and to upheave the children and toss them here, there and everywhere where YOU seem fit, is not ok! creating bigger classrooms, stupidly bigger schools - quality of education can only but go down. - Hasnt been a good week for us in Christchurch.Congratulation-
s on your latest decision to kick us when we are still dealing with things

shaman08, Sep 15, 12:39am
Christchurch is re-building, it is a huge change, the face of our lives is going to be very different to what we have today and what we had pre-earthquakes.No doubt about that.However I do believe at the very least some of these educational changes are required.It is the way of our future, not only for Christchurch but the rest of our country.There will be so many differring views i"m sure.

halfasmile, Sep 15, 12:41am
if the educational changes are required for our future IMO why can't it be tested in another city of NZ! not one that has been through so much already!

mbos, Sep 15, 12:44am
Hows about testing them in Ilam, Merivale, and Fendalton!

timetogo, Sep 15, 12:45am
Not yet, but I have just asked the organiser if he could make it one.

shaman08, Sep 15, 1:13am

jhan, Sep 15, 1:46am
It always happens that people who experience a disaster like this are at the bottom of the list for smiley faces from the officials that are in charge. They will make the decisions and you will have no voice in the matter.

diana96, Sep 15, 1:58am
why dont we just wait and see what developes. its may not be all bad. and its not written in stone. people get all fired up andthey dont even know the full story yet, ican see positives in this idea.

brokebloke1, Sep 15, 2:01am
+1 here

mbos, Sep 15, 2:13am
Because now is the wrong time to impose yet more change, stress and upheaval on parents, schools, communities, and kids.

Because closing and merging schools, in a time when it can take 1.5 hours to make a 30 minute trip, when the roads which are open change daily without notice, when the roads are crappy and busted, when the ability to change areas is severely limited due to uncertainty surrounding repairs to properties, a completely overheated property market, both rental and sale, is not something people should be asked to wait and see if there are some positives in it maybe as it develops.

Not right now.Why can't the Government be the one that makes a sacrifice instead of Cantabrians, and wait and see what develops in Christchurch and letting the demolition dust stop falling before we impose more disruption, stress and pressure on people and communities!

family007, Sep 15, 2:15am
To everyone on here who is upset over these changes, have a read in the paper as to what is going on. Some of the schools that are closing have very few pupils to make them even viable.
I think people are putting the cart before the horse. Nothing is set in concrete yet.

mbos, Sep 15, 2:16am
Excellent.In that case, now is the very time to express our feelings about the matter.

david.b, Sep 15, 2:29am
A few years ago the Government of the day closed a lot of schools in Mosgiel, Timaru and Invercargill, Wainuiomata and other places.At the time I was a School Principal in Invercargill, and the community and educational professional united as one and tried extremely hard to win concessions and amendments to the proposed school changes by any method or vehicle they could envisaging having any chance of success.After countless hours of meetings over many months, preparing submissions, meetings with Government Ministers, Mayoral Committees, Boards of Trustees,trips to Wellingtonand the like, the final plan adopted contained virtually no changes from the initialproposal for change.After the Invercargill fiasco the Government announced there would be a moratorium on School Reviews.Their promise has been kept, there are no more School Reviews, the Ministry of Education (MOE) just call the similar process by another name and carries on.

Also don??

charlieb2, Sep 15, 2:32am
I'd rather NOT sit on my hands and wait for the government to decide what is best for my childs education thanks.I think parents are entitled to have a say in changes being made to the current education providers.

mcnic, Sep 15, 2:52am
PMSL - try telling that to teachers.

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