School Community Meetings.

sikeres, Sep 19, 10:12pm
My daughter's school, Burnside Primary, is facing closure.We are having our first community meeting tonight(20/9) at 7:30pm in the school hall at 96 Memorial Avenue.I'm a parent at the school and can't speak for everyone but I'm sure that anyone in the area that may have had children as past pupils or have children that too young for school at the moment, may like to come, listen to our awesome principal and BOT chairperson and put their names to petitions, I understand we have several different types of petitions - the local community, childrens, and, I will be collecting support from my family overseas in the form of a petition.

We are a great school with 40+ nationalities = 230+ pupils, awesome principal, staff and a great community, like all our Chch schools do.

Feel free to add your meetings to this thread and we can all work together in the "rebuild" of this govermental "aftershock"!

dolfee, Sep 20, 2:30am
Burwood School - Wednesday 26th Sept at the church next to the Burwood School

jamesnmatt, Sep 20, 2:31am
from the other thread

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