Money is bad.?

timmytime2, Sep 22, 1:49am
What's the deal with that plane buzzing around Chch today with this message on the back! Anyone Know!

jamesnmatt, Sep 22, 1:55am
last weekend it was 'money is good'- must be the precursor of some advertising campaign

timmytime2, Sep 22, 1:55am
oh random, ok. Thanks.

lm446, Sep 22, 1:56am
Money will be bad if they decided not to fuel the aircraft (strongly possible with brainless advertising companies)

timmytime2, Sep 22, 1:57am
it's really irritating, they keep flying over my place.

starbursting, Sep 22, 2:44am
There is also an ad on TV saying money is bad.I have no idea what it means.

sustainable_sol, Sep 22, 2:47am
It was 'money is good' when I saw it before - perhaps it has something different on the other side. In any case, the annoyance on an otherwise peaceful saturday afternoon is enough tomake me not want to buy whatever they are selling.

jambee1, Sep 22, 3:55am
isn't it a beer company from Auckland.Hopscotch I think

digga7, Sep 22, 4:01am
Maybe not but you're thinking about whatever it is that they're trying to sell or push. Seems like a pretty effective advertising campaign. How often do people start threads on advertising on the TMMB!

paddaricko, Sep 22, 4:13am
Money is bad! haha, try getting Sky & Kentucky fried chicken without it.

robyn35, Sep 22, 5:16am
yip there is an ad on tv with a man walking along, looks at gambling etc, I even had an online survey to do about it last night and I still have no idea who is behind the ads

cjh1, Sep 22, 6:53am
Apparently rumour has it is Bnz or asb

gaspodetwd, Sep 22, 7:06am
Whoever it is has far too much money and no respect for the environment. So for me it is anti-advertising! I sincerely hope it is not a bank. For their own sake.

helene31, Sep 22, 7:17am
I have seen the ads and wondered what the hell is that about! lol Sometimes it is Money is Bad then it is Money is good!. Also seen small billboards around town. I guess we will find out soon enough! :)

chrisalis, Sep 22, 9:13am

mikedog3, Sep 22, 9:38am
I read this the other day, and thought it could be related to the plane today too

taipan4, Sep 22, 9:53am
all the freeloaders thinking they might get lucky "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is "

donna_marie, Sep 22, 10:51am
Its about gambling and addiction.

rlr29, Sep 22, 11:12pm
First google result is for westpac and its a paid sponsered ad.

doriwear, Sep 23, 1:39am
I managed to score an exclusive interview for our radio show with the @goodmoneybad twitter troll. Since then, I've found out who the company actually is. You can read all about it here -

rlr29, Sep 23, 8:30am
Heard it here first.Cheers man.

doriwear, Sep 23, 9:07am

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