Belfast school

toots5, Sep 17, 6:57am
I would like some information about this school,i have heard some good things but i have also heard some bad things so am open to hearing both.
So thought best people to ask is parents of children that go there.

jockl, Sep 17, 7:10am
I have two children there, one in Year 1 and one in Year 5.It is an excellent school, both are doing really well.I have had the odd problem but they have an open door policy and have always dealt with things fast and got them sorted.Both kids are very happy there.

100peaks, Sep 17, 8:13am

toots5, Sep 17, 10:22am
Thank you for your information.

cami2, Sep 17, 8:20pm
I have two kids there in years 4 and7. We moved to Christchurch just before the September earthquake and heard mixed reviews about the school too.Youngest is extremely clever, eldest is dyslexic and has always struggled. Last year alone, my eldest jumped 2 years in reading age and the youngest is doing extremely well. Just as importantly, they are both very happy there and have made some good friends. We have had some minor problems along the way, but the support you get from the school is wonderful and any issues get sorted out quickly. (Great teaching staff and principal too). This is just my experience. I would recommend you had a visit to the school to see if it will suit your kids. Best of luck choosing a school!

planespotterhvn, Sep 18, 6:58pm
Best school swimming pool in CHC right at the school.

geoffange, Sep 18, 7:12pm
Belfast school is a good school, i have 5 kids there at moment and all friends kids are there, my kids are mostly enjoying it apart from my gifted child that is bored as they have no gifted program any more. The staff are great, teachers are supportive. its a growing school. (Mine were at Redwood til we moved and pref Belfast)

Dont know that its the best pool - its rather COLD

planespotterhvn, Sep 18, 7:18pm
It had solar heating but the council stole it from the Community owned pool committee (who knows where it went!) and installed an expensive to run heat pump water heater that always seemed too small. The council wanted to run that pool into the ground but a deal was done handing it over to the school who is running it much better than the ciuncil ever did.

geoffange, Sep 18, 9:54pm
yes i agree the school is doing a good job. its just very cold unless its very hot

planespotterhvn, Sep 19, 12:55am
Opps Ciuncil! Freudian slip!

planespotterhvn, Sep 23, 8:33pm
What's happening to Belfast School in the new school review in CHCH!

kmcrae3, Sep 23, 9:37pm
We got told there will be a split campus whatever that means, will find out soon enough.They have a group for gifted and talented kids.High flyers they call it(geoffange).

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