Mairehau Primary or Paparoa Street School

nzfilzmoos, Sep 11, 7:39am
What a lot of anguish it is trying to make good decisions regarding schooling.Does anyone have any advice or experience with either of these two schools!

jamesnmatt, Sep 11, 7:44am
both zoned, so check your zoning first :)

jamesnmatt, Sep 11, 7:44am

icarus13, Sep 11, 7:44am
Paparoa St School has a great reputation. Not sure about Mairehau. People buy to be 'in zone ' for PPS. Perhaps drive past to get a feel for each school and check out their websites. Look at school size etc.

100peaks, Sep 11, 7:45am
Yes. I didn't think they'd be next to each other. I've heard good things about Paparoa street. I also know some very dedicated teachers at Mairehau! :)

100peaks, Sep 11, 7:46am
Also if you're buying, obviously the house price range/ rentals in those two zones will differ quite a bit.

jane310567, Sep 11, 8:25am
paparoa has much better reputation if u have choice.

rach2004, Sep 11, 9:30am
OMG Mairehau is just awesome! My son was there up until a fortnight ago when we moved into our new home in Rolleston, BUT while he was there he had a great time, the teachers are wonderful! the classes are lovely and the kids are friendly. As far as reputation I think it has a great reputiation maybe jane310567 is thinking about the high school, you would not regret sending your child to Mairehau.Plus the kids are aloud to ride there scooters at school which they love as the school knows kids need to use as much energy as possible during outside time. My son is only six.

100peaks, Sep 11, 10:01am
I think you're thinking of the High School.

jamesnmatt, Sep 11, 10:23am
Must be, and with good reason.

mar-mite, Sep 11, 11:44am
PPS has some pretty nasty bullies there, my friends enrolled their kid there when they moved to chch, hated it, refused to go, the girls were so mean and nasty. Happens at all schools but I would go Mairehau if you have a choice within zone.

oskybosky, Sep 11, 9:53pm
Thanks everyone!I am zoned for Mairehau but was thinking about applying for out-of-zone at Paparoa for my 4 year old.I have lots of pluses and minuses for both, I have found your comments helpful.

gillxand, Sep 11, 10:16pm
My daughters go to Mairehau. Wonderful school wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. I have friends that have kids that go to Paparoa and they are happy as well. I guess its just whats best for you.

ramazon, Sep 12, 7:47am
Mairehau has well regarded senior teachers running the place.

si50, Sep 12, 9:01am
Assuming you are in-zone for both, go visit each of them, ask to be shown around, ask to speak to the Principal and/or Junior school leader. you will soon get a feel for the school. One other thing.consider distance from home to school. You really don't want to have to drive for 20minutes every morning and afternoon through peak school time traffic. If you can, go local. Better for playdates too. Good luck.

liam2002, Sep 12, 9:13am
Mairehau all the way here, it is an awesome school, very very supportive staff. Children are so friendly, everyone plays with everyone, they have the best Gala which is on the 15th (this saturday) if you go you may meet some of the parents and is a good way to have a nose around the school. You can not go wrong by sending your child there, I can not speak highly enough about them, :) My niece and Nephew went to Paparoa Street school and they too had issues, so their mum moved them.

anner2, Sep 12, 9:21am
Can't see where anyone has said "read the ERO reports" .

100peaks, Sep 12, 9:55am
Well that kind of goes without saying, really.

nats62, Sep 12, 10:05am
It really does depend on the child. I had 2 children go through Mairehau, and was not going to send the 3rd one there. I had so much trouble with the older one there, that sometimes it came back on to the middle one as well. Mind you, it really depends on the teachers as well. I worked out though, that if I had of sent my youngest as well, I would have been associated with the school for about 20 years! That would have been way too long.

honest-reliable, Sep 13, 7:47am
one or both are probably closing down now. lol

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