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100peaks, Sep 10, 6:44pm

paxandtrax, Sep 10, 6:56pm

abbeydraper, Sep 10, 7:19pm
What a dumb question. It's none of the parents business to be honest and I can't believe they ran it as a story!

ajn255, Sep 10, 7:28pm
Got a child at Cotswold. She is a teacher by day as her career and still has a life outside of the school grounds. I would not care who she is in a relationship with. She could be homosexual, marrying a gang member etc.

jules555, Sep 10, 9:01pm
What a sick question Congralations to both of them

sharonann1, Sep 10, 9:05pm
So being engaged to David Bain affects her ability to teach how!

qualitytraders, Sep 10, 9:21pm
She looks pretty.If he gets $2 million she will not have to be a teacher!

100peaks, Sep 10, 9:23pm
It's not a 'sick question', I was talking to a parent about it and wondered how other parents felt. My children do not go there. Read into it all you like! LOL. I was wondering if her opinion was similar to everyone elses.

100peaks, Sep 10, 9:23pm
Sorry- where exactly did I say that! PMSL.

mr-smee, Sep 10, 9:25pm

100peaks, Sep 10, 9:26pm
Yeah- I shouldn't be surprised, should I.

charlieb2, Sep 10, 9:28pm
It wouldnt bother me, I dont think.Further I'd have no 'right' to feel bothered by it really as the man was acquitted.

Be interested to hear the opinion of the person that made you start this thread 100

desmodave, Sep 10, 9:31pm
Do you have a problem with it ! i dont. Leave the guy alone to get on with his life

pig-gal, Sep 10, 9:31pm
They look a bit alike.

100peaks, Sep 10, 9:32pm
Did you actually read the whole thread!

100peaks, Sep 10, 9:35pm
See- probably no one that does have an issue with it, will post now! LOL But I understand (apparently) there are a few. What I would like to know is. if you have an issue with it, did you feel the same way with the teacher that stripped!

charlieb2, Sep 10, 9:43pm
So I presume from that, the mother you spoke to has a problem with it!What is her reasoning!Does she not believe justice has been served by him being acquitted!

Also, you cant compare a teacher stripping to this, can you! One was directly the teacher and this is about a teachers fiance

desmodave, Sep 10, 9:45pm
Are you sure your just not lonely. What is your problem with it !

100peaks, Sep 10, 9:46pm
Well I was meaning the 'what they do in their own personal time,' argument, really. Because they were so vehement about a teacher being allowed to do whatever they liked in their own personal time (in that case, stripping).

100peaks, Sep 10, 9:46pm
LOLLLLLL OK. Nice try.

desmodave, Sep 10, 9:48pm
421 )9:32 am, Tue 11 Sep #15
See- probably no one that does have an issue with it, will post now! LOL

And your reasoning behind your comment is what.maybe your the 1 with an issue

desmodave, Sep 10, 9:51pm
And your problem is what lonely
I couldnt find an icon for lonely, you little devil you

100peaks, Sep 10, 9:51pm
Hope you're enjoying the weather at Westport, today! I'm sorry you seem to be missing the point of the thread.

charlieb2, Sep 10, 9:54pm
Ok. here, see this is what I am asking you. WHAT is the issue they have with it!

ETA:Is it because he's been in prison, they dont believe he didnt do it etc etc!

charlieb2, Sep 10, 10:01pm
oh right.well, my opinion would be that he has been acquitted and is a free man and can do what he likes, including being engaged to who he likes.So regardless of whether "I" think he is innocent or guilty, "I" dont really have the 'right' to object to her being engaged to him and continuing her teaching job.

I guess if you felt very strongly you have the option to remove your child (extreme)

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