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babz_nz, Sep 8, 1:38am
Has anyone had any problems at this high school or any other with Bullying from teachers. We are at our wits end with one teacher being a bully and even bullied parents at the interview and the school closing ranks round them. Any suggestions where else to go for help

articferrit, Sep 8, 1:52am
If you have been to the hear of the year, then the principal, then written to the BOT, the next step is to go to the ministry of ed.

sikeres, Sep 8, 2:10am
Contact the BOT and find what the complaint process it - my experience it has to be written.

jenni100, Sep 8, 2:15am
Find out what the school's complaints policy is, (maybe on the web site), and follow it, probably as above, go to the dean, deputy principal or principal then to the BOT.When you write to the BOT they are legally bound to reply to you.I had a son at Papanui a few years ago, he was bullied by a teacher but wouldn't let me do anything about it.Having said that I think most schools have teachers who misuse their authority.Good luck.

babz_nz, Sep 8, 3:04am
thanks all It is so hard as the more my daughter has gone to the school the more they come down on my grandson He is a good kid but doesnt like being bullied

jenni100, Sep 8, 3:48am
Unfortunately that is the down side of complaining, but really they cannot be allowed to get away with it.No one should have to put up with being bullied.Can your daughter talk to any other parents from the school!What year is your grandson in!

geoffange, Sep 8, 5:06am
that school is shocking. my son went there for a year and half changed for a while to Riccarton (Much better) then went back to pap and has just left for good, he has been picked on by kids and teachers and NO one cares

chatsmom, Sep 8, 10:00am
I also know of a bullying incident between the pupils yet my children go there have had no problems. Every school has its problems. I personally have had more issues with ineffective teaching & bullying at my primary school!

babz_nz, Sep 8, 11:13am
Hes 4th form

babz_nz, Sep 8, 11:16am
It is so sad he is a bright child and noone cares that he is being bullied by this teacher When my d and sil went for the interview she was so rude to them and talked nasty about my granson in front of him Good thing it was the last interview of the night. But the dean has blinders on but we will not stop till its sorted Thinking of changing school for the sake of his educaton

bowdl1, Sep 8, 11:56am
Yup = they looked out for the bully and not the victim - took my daughter out because of it. Teachers! there is one or two that my daughter could complain about

greenfruit1, Sep 8, 8:20pm
We had a bulling / assault problem at *********** Primary School (have left now). We just skipped the whole school complaint process (pointless) and went straight to the police and our lawyers.
You will be amazed how quick things get done when the MOE and lawyers get involved.

puffydawg, Sep 8, 9:44pm
what that teacher is doing is actually verbal assault, most schools complaints processes are toothless, go to your lawyer and send a letter from them to the Ministry of Education naming the teacher, you will be amazed how quick its sorted and usually they will stand the teacher down until it is sorted and that usually gives them a wake up call.

jinx36, Sep 8, 9:56pm
I have 2 at Papanui and we find it a great school so much so that the kids are really going to miss their favorite teachers when they leave at the end of the year.So sorry you are having problems and I hope you get it sorted.

doggybear, Sep 8, 10:11pm
All 3 of my children have been or are going to Papanui High and we have had no problems with the teachers or bullying.however, their behaviour out of the school is atrocious especially on the buses.It's about time they had bus monitors on all buses after school.

gdk1, Sep 8, 10:27pm
Interesting I have a son there and he hasn't had problems but I think I may know a few possible teachers that op may be speaking of. As a former member of a school board I agree with some comments above send a letter from your lawyers to the board demanding immediate cease and desist. I can tell you it is very hard for schools to get rid of bad teachers

jamesnmatt, Sep 8, 10:39pm
begs the question why you let him go back if it's that 'shocking'

geoffange, Sep 8, 10:52pm
Because at Riccarton he had a long way to travel each day and struggled to make friends, he wanted to be back with his friends he had grown up with, i had also thought with the new principle things would be better - but it was not for him. things were pretty much the same. I am not a fan of the school but its just how i feel from what my son had to go through - others seem to like it. each to their own. i am just pleased he is away from that now working and studying

littlepukeko, Sep 9, 2:19am
My friend taught there recently and was horrified at how out of control some of the classes were. She is a very experienced teacher and found the behaviour in some classes to be absolutely appalling. There were some great ones as well but I don't think she got much support from the school in dealing with the really difficult students/classes.

doggybear, Sep 9, 3:58am
Be interested in what way he is being "bullied". Could you elaborate!

100peaks, Sep 9, 4:09am
Our children wont be going there.

bumbalo, Sep 9, 4:11am
oh great just moved and enrolled my 2 boys to start next year, y9 and y11, you guys are putting me off there now lol

gdk1, Sep 9, 4:27am
That's actually a good point with all the stream lined classes you get many of the troublesome kids in the same class but I noticed that many of them disappear within a year

contraband2, Sep 10, 1:11am
My daughter has been accepted there ( out of zone ) and to burnside. She really wants to go to pap and we want her to go to burnside. Anyone know of this kind of thing going on at burnside!

sikeres, Sep 10, 1:22am
Have heard some horror stories about Burnside, then every school has them.I personally think that there are too many cracks to fall through at Burnside as it is so large, enrolment wise.

Funny, though, I know of someone, from the UK, that wanted a private education for their child here in NZ, known as public in the UK, and the teenager ended up at Burnside and doing really well.

Everyone is an unqiue individual, and throw in the usual friendships, life stories, personal/family circumstances, and each school will suit each child differently.

My son is at CBHS and my daughter will be going to CGHS, these were and are our choices.BTW, son is doing really well at Boys - best choice we made for him.

Way more concerned about the intermediate that my daughter will be starting next year, but hopefully a new principal and our previous experience will help.We had never done the intermediate path before.

My personal belief is to go the American way and have middle (junior high) schools - Years 7 through 10 - and then move onto Senior High School for the final three years.If nothing else, at least the cost of uniforms would be cheaper!

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