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puppyhound, Sep 3, 5:36am
Has anyone else been approached in a shop (i was at the warehouse) and asked for a couple of dollars.This girl approx aged 18-20 came up to me and asked if i had a couple of dollars i could give her.I asked why she wanted it and she said she was short a couple of dollars to buy an item she wanted.I told her i don't carry money so told her no.She looked me up and down and said i must have a few spear bucks.I told her i always use my zip zaps to pay for everything, never carry any money.What annoyed me the most was her change in attitude after i told her no then after approaching me i watched her and she went up to several other shoppers.They didn't oblige her either and walked away from her. I reported her to her to the staff and she went of with them.This all seamed very strange and a bit upsetting to me.What would of you done if she approached you!

jane310567, Sep 3, 5:37am
maybe this is the scammer from barrington mall

sossie1, Sep 3, 5:39am
gawd, don't ever go and live in East London, it was daily occurence

doggybear, Sep 3, 5:42am
These beggars have been around Christchurch malls for ages! and there have been quite a few threads about them.Never, ever give them money.They usually beg for money for the bus, quite often it's that they need money to catch the bus to Rangiora.Thing is that you may give them money, but they won't jump on the bus, they'll just go to the next person and try to swindle some off them too!

millerz08, Sep 3, 5:45am
No I would never give money if asked.

tygertung, Sep 3, 7:35am
Well it's good to see that they are utilising the public transport

nor2, Sep 3, 8:01am
Yep, bet that's the Rangiora one alright.

daisyhill, Sep 3, 10:54am
I sometimes give money to people like that if they have a plausible story (not just that they want to buy something for themselves). If there is even a chance that they do need help and I can afford to lose a couple of bucks, then why not! I'd rather take the chance that I'm doing the right thing. But obvious beggars like the girl in the first post can just shove off. I don't want to encourage that sort of person or give them my money.

coffeeone, Sep 3, 11:13am
it may have been something she needed for in an emergency! Justin Biebers latest cdperhaps.

annie_kiwi, Sep 3, 11:36am
if they say "have you got any spare change!" Say "no,but thank you for asking"(this comes from one of Bill Bryson's books)

booksgoboom, Sep 3, 11:38am
Love it, must use that one!

seductions, Sep 3, 8:18pm
My friend got approached by one at barrington mall,we used to go to school with her and she had all kinds of mental issues after a really tough life (institutionalized for some of it),she was scabbing for bus money and my friend didnt give her any (even after her partner made her feel really bad for it) on their way home she was sitting at a bus stop with a 4 pack of woodstocks. Go figure

annie_kiwi, Sep 3, 10:08pm
The beggars at Barrington are often there, it's interesting to watch them "at work".They don't ask everyone, maybe only those who they feel will give them some money.They didn't ask me - maybe they felt I looked too fierce/grumpy/poor :-)

bigbadfun, Sep 3, 10:11pm
$2 x 10 punters per hour. beats minimum wage I guess.

hohoho7, Sep 3, 10:23pm
Someone said to me any change mate! So i said no your still an ar*ehole.

beamisgr8, Sep 3, 10:42pm
Anyone keen to recount their RECENT begging experiences in Christchurch! Puppyhound! Quite keen to run an article as there seems to have been an increase lately.
Anyone interested drop me a line 943 2583. Must be happy to have full name printed and possibly a photo (but maybe not).
Abbie, Chch Mail

simba79, Sep 3, 10:50pm
Lol.reminds me off when I was a kid waiting at the bus stop with Dad when someone saw dad light a smoke and asked him."Got a match mate".dad said."yeah mate my butt your face".I was sooo horrified,he did give him a match but I will never forget the look on the guys face.

annie_kiwi, Sep 6, 5:02am
Those little toads were hanging around pestering people outside the Bush Inn shopping centre today.I went and complained to the Centre Manager about their aggressive behaviour.He was most thankful, went and shooed them away.They can be issued with trespass orders. So if you are being pestered - complain.

darkcell, Sep 6, 6:58am
I had one come up to me a few weeks ago. I told them if they wanted the money then they should dance. She looked at me and said WTF! I said nothing comes for free so if you want some money you have to work for it so dance. She scoffed at me and walked off. I guess she really didn't need the money after all xD

kimmyflo, Sep 6, 9:06am
love it !

david_270, Oct 5, 5:17am

doggybear, Oct 5, 7:32am
I just read that too david.I wish the Police would put some mufti cops around the worst places for these beggars and start hauling them in one by one.We've been approached at Northlands and unfortunately had bags of groceries and our daughter with us otherwise we would have followed the cow who tried to screw money from us.I phoned the mall when I got home and when I gave them a description of the tart, the guy said they had issued her with a trespass notice but she keeps coming back.There are a lot of them around and unfortunately people who are not onto it will fall for their scam.The police need to put photos of the con artists at bus stops, etc. near the malls and other places these scum are trolling!

brightlights60, Oct 5, 9:53am
My wife got asked by a guy on a bike down at our local shops. He was leaning on the wall of the local bar. She laughed at him and said "I don't think so, try getting a job like the rest of us".

leofirehorse, Oct 5, 7:37pm
good on yourwife,brightlights

miwi3, Oct 5, 7:38pm
That petrol scammer is horrible and pretended to 'help' my Mother in law accross the road when she said she had no money on her (but she had lots of bags etc). He then followed her to her car and when she got in he opened the passenger door and took her handbag! She is quite frail and he totally took advantage. He is low-life scum!

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