Warning! Money scammers at CH CH hospital:(

abbied, Sep 3, 3:16am
It's not enough that someone is really sick, but now this guy is scamming for money off people visiting. He has a story about the car has run out of petrol, his boy is in hospital, wife has bipolar BLAH BLAH Honestly! Poor people who just give money to these unfortunates!

usualsuspect, Sep 3, 3:57am
perhaps its all true and you are the one missing out.

blondie3001nz, Sep 3, 5:34am
your post doesn't make that much sense!

stevexc, Sep 3, 5:35am
Missing out on what!Having less money!Oh noes

doggybear, Sep 3, 5:43am
Interesting as someone else has started a similar thread on here!

abbied, Sep 3, 5:44am
Dah! I feel for people who get sucked into this scam -NO it wasn't true the security people ran like the wind to catch up with him, as he bothered lots of people all day. I am not missing out on anything in fact I was trying to warn people - usualsuspect!

zakk_wylde, Sep 3, 6:50am
Missing out on that warm feeling you get inside when you help a drug addict get more P.

abbied, Sep 3, 6:58am
Exactly zakk_wylde! Finallysomeone who got what I was saying thanks :)

puppyhound, Sep 3, 7:01am
Goodness are these people everywhere.I am disabled and don't go to shops as a rule.I buy most my stuff online.Haven't been to the warehouse for months.I just needed some particular i can only get from the warehouse and was taken aback being asked for money by a stranger.It's not nice being put in that position.Most uncomfortable.Think i will stay shopping online. :(

jcmp21, Sep 3, 7:03am
Ahh that old chest nut eh. He's been around for a longtime now and there's been a few threads about him here. Police know him very well, if you rang and told them they would know who it was straight away, though I doubt they would be able to do anything.

rover79, Sep 3, 7:16am
I suppose there is no law against someone asking someone for money (or is there) but there must be a law against someone asking for money with a false story.

gutlux, Sep 3, 8:03am
We were approached when when we were in the gardens carpark, we think it was geninue and certainly hope it was as we couldn't really afford to to give money that day due to other big expenses we had - but we did. the man was very apologic and said he didn't have enough petrol to get home (just out of ChCh) as his had realised just ealier wife had his eftpos card, and his son was bi-polar and needed to get home. He did have his son son in the car and it was late afternoon so we went and got some money out and gave it to him.Still waiting for the good karma to come to us!

dgriffnz, Sep 3, 8:21am
You've been had; do a search here for my user name.

roshu, Sep 3, 11:20am
Tell the orderlies at reception and they'll get security to watch for them.

kingjj, Sep 3, 12:15pm
I disagree, if they are unable to attend at the time to talk with him a noting will still go to intel who keep a file on this gent and would follow it up. Would like to know your sources for some of your claims about the NZ Police.

slimgym, Sep 3, 7:54pm
this is why these people keep doing it, boy they must make some money for doing nothing

bid-warz, Sep 3, 8:46pm
Stupid people give money unless you can see that its genuine just say no, some people make a living out of sucking other people in and they wreck it for everyone else that genuinely needs help.I cant stand anyone that actually approaches me for money, i think someone that really needed it would be too ashamed to ask, Id be ok with it if I can see its for food or much needed Im not going to miss a few dollars if its going to a good cause.

deansstand, Sep 3, 9:05pm
A hospital is a place where everyone is vulnerable, be they patient or visitor, therefore they are at risk of being targeted by this person .

rover79, Sep 4, 3:54am
I think a genuine person would offer to pay it back.

iman007, Sep 4, 4:49am
im visiting an aunty tomorrow, will get a mouth ful from me if he tries it on.

goldy5, Sep 4, 5:01am
Harvey Norman Hornby, 2 weeks ago.Came from West Coast, No petrol to get home in his BMW, wife had left credit card at home.Had just bought meat over here. Blah blah blah. But didn't offer to pay back.We drove slow past his car and he was with another guy.Well dressed, very plausable. Hubby felt sorry for him

dgriffnz, Sep 4, 9:32am
These guys must be stopped!

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