Fletchers Hub Lyttelton

kiwichris1, Aug 13, 5:27am
Any one in Lyttelton opted out of the fletchers repair system!

nan424, Aug 13, 9:42am
we would just like to see someone

chrisalis, Aug 13, 10:14am
ditto, nothing happens in a hurry around here, I've said it before but waiting for emergency repairs, it's only been 13 months now

schnauzer11, Aug 13, 10:40am
For goodness sake-if you can-opt out!Give yourself control,and decent warrantees.Employ a good firm,experienced with EQC,and they'll handle everything.

mojonzd, Nov 9, 7:32pm
I'm not sure whether to get repairs done by Fletchers or use our own builder. Does anyone using Fletchers in Lyttelton have any feedback - good or bad!

Thanks heaps

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