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honest-reliable, Aug 11, 8:16am
you go to and what year, we may be able to reunite some old friends on here.

I went to Papanui Primary 1970-77,had Mrs Pickles and Ms Osbourne

ae86guy, Aug 11, 8:18am
Templeton Primary 1987-1993

taniakaa, Aug 11, 8:19am
Aranui Primary, 1976-81

simba79, Aug 11, 8:33am
Avondale Primary started in 1974

rach2004, Aug 11, 8:34am
Woolston Primary started 1979

fiatnut, Aug 11, 8:35am
Beckenham 1954 - 1961. A lot of you weren't even born then.

cdtomlinson, Aug 11, 8:36am
Aranui Primary 1977-82

annie287, Aug 11, 8:37am
Bishopdale Primary, 1981 - Not sure what year i left there cause then went to Phillipstown Primary

lisa921, Aug 11, 8:50am
Westburn Primary 1990-1995

then (I had to move because I was bullied)

St Andrews Prep School 1996-1998

merlin102, Aug 11, 9:30am
Heathcote Valley 1973-1981

abbied, Aug 11, 9:32am
Avondale 1973

crash01, Aug 11, 9:32am
north linwood1958 /1962

jacinta.r, Aug 11, 9:39am
St Michaels. 1980-1985

olwen, Aug 11, 9:43am
Old friends does that.

indi301, Aug 11, 9:44am
Hornby Primary 1983 - 1988

kelsta2, Aug 11, 9:52am
Freeville primary 1982-1989 my mother went there as well.

kelsta2, Aug 11, 9:52am
old friends is useless compared to TM.

ryanm2, Aug 11, 10:11am
yeah - the chch quake forum is excellent as long as its completely un-quake related.

virgogirl1983, Aug 11, 10:24am
Parkview Primary 88-96

lordsteven, Aug 11, 10:26am
waltham primary 1988-

justnewbie, Aug 11, 10:49am
briggton school 1975

tracymarie73, Aug 11, 11:04am
Sydenham 1978

logree, Aug 11, 11:16am
North New Brighton 19731981

virgogirl1983, Aug 11, 11:17am
not with their TM username it doesn't

bootsy2003, Aug 11, 11:28am
I was at Papanui Primary 1967-1973. Mr Gibbs in 1972-ish

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