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100peaks, Aug 12, 6:14am
is there a way of working this out - does anyone know! Google wasn't helping my tired mind tonight! TIA

r.g.nixon, Aug 12, 6:19am

doreenf, Aug 12, 6:29am
when snow gets forcaste we are told snow may be down to 200 metres which i presume is from sea level .so that is our level here .i have no idea how it is worked out though

joanemma, Aug 12, 6:33am
This one is great.

deanna14, Aug 12, 6:44am
150 metres

thecritic, Aug 12, 6:45am
Some days it feels like we are below sea level

cloffie, Aug 12, 7:16am
What a great website
I am at 0 level according to this

mrdad, Aug 12, 7:21am
242 metres here

geoone, Aug 12, 7:23am
I used to be 2 but now 22.Amazing website.

jamesnmatt, Aug 12, 7:23am
a whole 6 metres lol

100peaks, Aug 12, 7:24am

100peaks, Aug 12, 7:24am
Zero!! :O

pge, Aug 12, 7:27am

bandrach, Aug 12, 7:27am
5 metres - Thinking I might head to mrdad's in a tsunami event

shaman08, Aug 12, 7:27am
looks down on you at 8 metres lol

mrdad, Aug 12, 7:29am
You'd be very welcome.

maddog007, Aug 12, 7:31am
41 metres here.

cloffie, Aug 12, 7:31am
sea level
Mrdad is going to have what looks like MASH army camp cos we will all be heading there!

nessies1, Aug 12, 7:34am
6 metres.but going by all this rain we might be under sea level by the morning!

lambrat, Aug 12, 7:35am
4m here :(

100peaks, Aug 12, 7:36am
Oops I'm 15m

taniakaa, Aug 12, 7:36am
7m here but with today's rain I think 7m under the sea lol

mrdad, Aug 12, 7:37am
LOL Cloffie ,I'd welcome ya all.

gymee1, Aug 12, 7:41am
Thanks it is a great help, to know we're only 3 meters above sea level

kateevans, Aug 12, 7:41am
At the moment our garage is half a metre under Dudley creek level!

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