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angel161, Aug 18, 3:52am
Does anyone know if you get back paid out for carpets and drapes if you are taking the goverment offer Option 2 and are red zoned. Just cheacking incase they have changed the rules again.

robyn35, Aug 18, 4:08am
if you house is unrepairable/demo'ed then yes, if your house was deemed repair (yes I know no homes can actually be repaired in red zone but that doesnt make any difference in this case) then unless the carpets and curtains were damaged then no they dont pay out.

angel161, Aug 18, 4:16am
the house is to be demo'ed , but when you take the goverment GV offer and not the Goverment and insurance offer I thought you would not be able to claim for carpet.

robyn35, Aug 18, 4:33am
if you take the straight government offer (thought that was option one for some reason) then no you dont get paid out for carpet and curtains because they say it is all included (or at least they did when the first round of homes went red zoned)

nessies1, Aug 18, 5:18am
I am still in Bexley but will be moving out in a few mths.We got paid out mths ago, all I had to do was get my Claims Manager to email EQC with details stating that our house will be demo'd in the near future and I sent in a carpet quote which we had done and the measurements for all our windows of our redzone hse and EQC paid us out.We did take Option 2 so not sure if that makes any difference! Good luck!:)

angel161, Aug 18, 5:19am
Thanks for that Robyn, I got it wrong ment to say option 1. Yea I thought that would be included. some people aresaying that you get paid out for carpet and drapes for both options but I thought that did not sound right. thanks.

robyn35, Aug 18, 6:02am
they may have changed it again, might pay to ring and ask them, they change their minds more than their undies on this it would seem

miffycat1, Aug 18, 6:15am
EQC paid out $20,000 plus GST, our insurance company paid the balance of ourcontents claim which included our carpets & drapes which we had quotes for.
It is important to get quotes on what it will take to replace your current drapes.
What insurance company are you dealing with !

angel161, Aug 18, 8:32am
Thanks for that, we are dealing with Vero.

jackie68, Aug 18, 9:15am
I Know three different people who have been paid twice for carpets and drapes by eqc once after sept and again after feb. We were red zoned and receieved a payment out of the blue but not the full amount and no explanation and without asking for it. Old neighbours have just said they have been deemed repair in red zone so are not entitled to carpets and drapes payment another kick in the guts for them.

fiatnut, Aug 18, 10:07am
Red zoned means that your home has to be demolished - why then are those that are deemed repair not entitled to payment for carpets and drapes unless they were actually earthquake damaged when those with enough damage to be classed as a rebuild are. We that are repair still have to walk away and leave our carpets blinds and drapes - highly unlikely they will fit anywhere else - when rebuilds could feasibly do the same if they wanted. Initially our insurance co and eqc told us yes get quotes and you will be recompensed - the rules have changed several times since - one minute it is yes the next no. All red zone property owners should be treated equally. If you are red zoned you are damn well not allowed to repair so your home will be demolished even if not badly damaged so what is the difference - you still have to either rebuild or buy somewhere. It is way past time that some sense was applied to this situation and a definite ruling given and adhered to.

tillsbury, Aug 18, 11:13am
Rules changed again.No payout now until after house actually demolished, even though we got them proof of demo going to happen months ago.

fiatnut, Aug 19, 5:13am
Were you repair or rebuild!

miffycat1, Aug 19, 6:24am
fiatnut wrote:
Were you repair or rebuild![/quote
We are a rebuild.

fiatnut, Aug 19, 7:17am
Thanks for that - lucky you in some ways though we have all been put in awful situations. Unfortunately we were deemed repair so no payout it seems for us. As far as we are concerned all red zoners should have been treated as rebuilds due to the fact we are not allowed to repair and this whole sorry issue re carpets, blinds and drapes would not have caused the agro and annoyance for some that it has and continues to do. Good luck for your rebuild.

julie28, Dec 2, 6:55am
Which option pays out for the carpet and drapes is it option 1 or 2

sandrar, Dec 2, 7:14am
Option 2.

julie28, Dec 2, 7:16am
Is Option 2 the Insurance Co for House and Govt for Section!

robyn35, Dec 2, 7:43am
yip BUT I have heard tonight that they have put this on hold again, not sure how accurate this is but the red zoned lady I spoke to was told this from EQC this afternoon and is not happy

rach2004, Dec 2, 7:49am
Drapes and carpets are (Contents) so you get paid out for them either option you take if your house is a demo, I was paid out for mine ages ago cause my house was uninhabbitable and is a demo, I also took option 2 land sold to Govt and insurance co building new house in Rolleston.

mike2109, Dec 2, 8:04am
It looks like EQC have changed the rules again! We are in the red zone and were told today if we take option 1 we don't qualify for carpets and drapes.They seem to make up the rules as they go.

dktk, Dec 2, 8:16am
How do they justify trying to say they are chattles paid for by cera!
cera says contents claims are not taken over with sale.
Carpets and drapes come under contents.
Insurance pays shortfall from do we claim them from them!
These guys need their ass kicked big time!

lugee, Dec 2, 8:18am
Yes they have changed it, Option 1 no longer gets paid out on carpets and drapes. Confirmed only a couple of house ago. It's because of too many people claiming tens of thousands on their carpets and drapes and then taking them and selling them for double profit.

tracey310, Dec 2, 8:30am
how can they change the rules when they have already paid out money to others.It shouldn't matter if you are option 1 or 2 we are all in the same boat and our homes are being flattened I will be ringing to check on my claim tomorrow and if they say no to option 1 then I will go and see the local MP

dktk, Dec 2, 8:37am
Me too.will also be informing the media.did it last time when they put them on hold.once the Press published it they turned it around the next day
and took them off hold.

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