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shadow12, Aug 12, 8:33am
Any opinions please! We are in zone but kids are at a school in town. We think it might be time to switch them to the local school.

madclan, Aug 12, 9:06am
i went there in the 80's lol prob changed since then but i hated it then

shadow12, Aug 12, 9:16am
Lol I imagine its changed!My old school sure has!

booker16, Aug 12, 9:18am
i took my child out of there last year as the bullying was out of control, they claim to have zero tolerance for bullying.

madclan, Aug 12, 9:24am
it was cos of bullying i left although as i say its way back long time ago i changed to kaiapoi bourogh and loved it there maybe its still the better one but from my time growing up there i would only consider brough not north

lugee, Aug 12, 9:25am
I've heard its bad for bullying.

madclan, Aug 12, 9:33am
when i was there musta been around 1989/90 ish i was badly bullied by my teacher ( real cow she was too!) and some kids got to borough and found the teachers alot better and less bullying in general at the school the way bullying was ignored there back then was disgusting

jace621, Aug 12, 11:00am
I left the school when i was 8 because of the bullying going on, they treated the bullies like royalty and let them walk all over everyone.
This was when Mcave was principal, so i left and went to another school and soon enough i had 10 other students 2 of which i was friends with move to the same school within a month.
I believe others left fairly fast as word got around and soon enough Mcave left i believe.
I heard the next principal was good had really good firm rules but has since left for some reason.

jm88, Aug 12, 7:55pm
I am the current principal of Kaiapoi North School, and I am shocked to see these posts about bullying at our school. We have a strong anti-bullying policy which we talk to our students about regularly. Bullying is something we do our very best to deal with, we use restorative justice practices. In a recent community feedback survey our children and parents are very positive about our positive school culture. Relieving teachers also give me very positive feedback about our children and the respect they show them - they enjoy coming here. If anyone who has made these posts would like to talk directly to me about your concerns I would welcome your contact.

sikeres, Aug 12, 8:07pm
Unforunately, every school will have these stories and most that tell these stories don't make an appointment to discuss the issue with those in charge.

Every school is like a basket of apples - some nicely polished and shiny, and some of these will contain worms.This is society.

What irks me is that people can post on messageboards but not approach the institution, be it educational, retail, government, etc, etc, to try and find a solution that fits all - sometimes difficult, I will admit, but talking will make life easier rather than festering and walking away.It is also showing children that being open about problems is the way to deal with them.

theoldknitwit, Aug 12, 8:57pm
Its not the only school out this way that has that problem.I know of another school who were alerted to bullying before xmas & it still hasnt been resolved.

booker16, Aug 13, 12:31am
actually i went to the teacher, then the deputy principle, then the principleover and over and also the pta, after months of it i approached the parent of the bully to no avail. my child was too scared to go to school and also became physically sick. we moved to woodend school and it has been great since.

mamaov2, Aug 13, 12:46am
my kids go there,no problems at all!

madclan, Aug 13, 4:10am
my opinons were more as a laugh as i was there in late 1980's if you were the principal when i went there as a adult and parent now i would LOVE to have a chat and some reversebullying after what the twat teacher and some kids put me thu there lol i dont think my saying it was terrible in the 80's is too off puttin to ppl now days but in my experience a rough time esp from a teacher is something that hurts alot to a kid

suzy30, Aug 13, 7:50am
My son goes to kaiapoi north school and he is 10 years old and loves it. It has a great community feel with the school. My son has dyspraxia and had a speech problem when he 1st started there. He was welcomed in to the school with no problems and has made a number of friends. every one is friendly and the teachers are easy to talk to if you have any problems. after the earthquake I was going to leave and go to Timaru to live but now Im glad I didnt their support to my son has been awesome and my son does not want to go anywhere else.

booker16, Aug 13, 7:56am
yea that was another thing that upset me there was after feb quake we went to pick up kids and kids were consoling each other while teachers were huddling together talking, perhaps the teachers should have stayed with their classes and looked after the children.

suzy30, Aug 13, 8:01am
I was happy they way the teachers and staff was there with the children and handle the situation very well. They had there own worries and fears about there own children, Partners and homes but looked after the kids very well until the parents or caregivers came and got their children. Big thumbs up.

rocketeer, Aug 13, 9:05am
booker, what a load of rubbish! The staff did a great job after the Feb earthquake, my child also goes there. I would like to see how you would deal with nearly 5 hundred kids and not knowing if your own loved ones are ok!

jm88, Aug 13, 10:27am
From the principal of Kaiapoi North - booker I am sad to hear you feel we didn't do enough for you - I can recall that we did work with you as best as we could in the situation, I am pleased your daughter is now settled at Woodend. I would like to back the teachers regarding the earthquake comment, they stayed with the children and supported them for a long time during both major quakes that occurred during the day. I needed to strongly encourage some of them to leave to tend to their own families near the end as they wanted to stay until every one of their class had been collected. The last teachers left with me after 5pm both times, I greatly admire the support and compassion they showed and continue to show.
Shadow - great to hear you have made an appointment to meet our junior leader, please also come and see me if you have time. As this thread shows every family has different experiences as their child goes through any school. As well as viewing the ERO report and talking to families who go to the school it is best to visit any school in person during school hours to get a feel for the school and the people!

100peaks, Aug 13, 9:39pm
shadow- I have to say. it's SO nice having my children in a local schol. We had DS in a private school in Aus, and were driving 2 hours a day all up- just for school. One day he had an asthma attack and they called me. it was horrible having to drive and feeling it take so long! I love his new school. and I especially like that it's local- all his wee friends live in the area. Hope the school meeting goes well- I'd just ask what their bullying policy is :) As much as asking for opinions on here is good, we don't know the individual ins an outs of the situation.

mbos, Aug 13, 9:52pm
One thing that totally impresses me is the principal taking the time to come here and represent the school.

cutex01, Aug 13, 10:42pm
I think you've seen my post in the other MB regarding this school.

Highly recommended from me.

As for what booker said up there about the aftermath of the quake. when I got there, it may have been at the same time as you, but I saw teachers conferring and cross checking lists to ensure they had every student, who had been picked up, was safe, and so on, and also discussing what to do next as per procedure.I would say that perhaps, you misinterpreted the situation in your fear and stress.I can't state how strongly enough about how impressed I have been with the teachers handling our rather precarious situation in regards to childrens emotional wellbeing and their safety during and in the aftermath of a large quake.But tis each to their own.:o)

shadow12, Aug 14, 12:02am
Still waiting for her to ring me back re the appointment.but I will reserve judgement till Ive been and seen for myself.I have no regrets starting the thread though, I did want honest opinions and I got them :)

mbos, Aug 14, 12:04am
Well, if you're looking at a school, you want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly shadow.Who better to tell you that than other parents!I don't know that the school exists that wouldn't get at least one parent having a firmly negative experience and opinion, and if they have based that on honest opinion of their experience, then they are more than entitled to hold it, and to share it.It reflects their truth and reality of that school.

shadow12, Aug 14, 12:04am
Yip that is exactly what we are doing.so over it.The other day I literally walked in the door after drop off, school rung to say he was sick and I went and got him again.then home again.then back again to get the other one at 3.then home again!Plus I sooo want them to have some local friends that they can just go hang with, rather than have to cart them into town, go for a coffee while I wait, then pick them up again.

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