Lost doggy chch burnside chihuahua x

bbbottle, Aug 18, 7:00am
two girls picked up our dog today from flay cres burnside.he is 12yr old and has a heart condition so needs meds daily any help would be great he is long haired and blonde

littlepanda1, Aug 18, 7:05am
Do you have a description of the girls!

bbbottle, Aug 18, 7:52am
girls are 12 to 17 yrs old dark hair dog is chihuahua xsee my listings for photo

puddleduck00, Aug 18, 7:54am
What do you mean they picked up your dog! They stole him! Or were did he get out and they were seen picking him up. Good luck finding him. I'm sure you will if he was picked up when he was wandering.

bbbottle, Aug 18, 8:09am
he must of sneaked out the gate. my neighbors said they seen a couple girls picking him up. sadly the neighbors are both new and don't know the dog was ours :(

smoff79, Aug 18, 8:18am
call the vounvil they may have taken him home and their parents let the council know.good luck

2bit, Aug 18, 10:58am
Hopefully they thought he was lost and are taking care of him. Surely they'd contact the council first, so maybe you should call them!

chch21, Aug 18, 10:15pm
Bumping for the morning crew:)

puppyhound, Aug 19, 2:50am
Bump for we doggy

bbbottle, Aug 19, 9:50pm
Hey thanks everyone for your comments:)
We have found him and he is now at the pound :(
The girls that found him contacted us after seeing 1 of our flyer's
Poor wee man :( We are able to pick him up after 1 o'clock.
Thanks again for all your help :)

sandlyjamu, Aug 19, 10:31pm
Glad to know he is safe, and as long as the pound knows about his medical condition they will obviously be able to put a note with him to that effect.Bet you get to give and receive lots of cuddles when you get him home!

xstiteher, Aug 20, 1:30am
thankd goodness for that

seductions, Aug 20, 1:40am
Yay for happy endings.

guest, May 8, 12:33am
last one not funny how can you leave your child crying like that,the panert can see the child is scared and just lets him cry,nasty mother why didn't she give him a hug

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