Drilling has started at the school

jules340, Aug 20, 11:40pm
Very exciting. Kid's were eager to see the "big machines"

cloffie, Aug 21, 1:54am
which school Jules

jules340, Aug 21, 2:02am
Banks Avenue.Be good to put rumours to rest in the near future.

charlieb2, Aug 21, 8:58am
What rumours!I've heard so many rumours about schools in the area, its not funny. well some of them are! lol

bandrach, Aug 21, 7:26pm
Its just crazy isn't it charlie!Umm lets see.the school is being pulled down, the pupils will be moved to Burwood, Shirley Primary is coming to Banks Ave.and it goes on and on.I know the roll has dropped by 200 at Banks Ave but there are still 400 kids at the school. I don't think they will be going anywhere in a hurry, but I could be wrong

100peaks, Aug 21, 7:29pm
400 children- that's still a big enough school IMO! How many did Aorangi have when it was closed! I'm sure it was waaaay less than that!

n.c, Aug 21, 7:39pm
Our son goes to Banks Ave as well.good to get some answers on the land.

fionn, Aug 21, 8:16pm
I'm surprised the school haven't done a survey to find out how many students intend to leave.
My daughter is in year 5 and says that the majority of her class are leaving either at the end of this term or the end of the year. Her best friend in another class is moving schools next term too. It's a shame as its been a great school:(

charlieb2, Aug 21, 8:48pm
She's not in a composite class is she, cos then half of the classroom would be going to intermediate!

I've heard all sorts, ummmAvonside moving to hammersley and hammersley combining with Shirley Primary.UmmmMarian moving to Hammersley! Marian moving to Shirley Intermediate site and SIS moving to Hammersley! lol.

Just had a look on the landcheck website, the school is surrounded by green properties on two sides in a huge block. cant imagine why people think it will close.

fionn, Aug 21, 9:20pm
I haven't heard all those rumors! Lol
No she's not in a composite class- my son was all the way through BA. I've not heard that it will close but it will be interesting to see what develops.

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