annetteh4, Aug 21, 8:23pm
I have started another thread where Fletchers replaced a brick chimney with the internal cladding and didnt get a permit for the new chimney with substandard finishing, everyone needs to complain to EQC, Local MP(Not Brownlee), I even got the council involved,

tmeq, Aug 22, 5:34am
Has the complaining resulted in any action!

I complain but nobody responds.

annetteh4, Aug 22, 6:25am
Yes alot of verbal abuse from both the builder and project manager from Fletchers, also the council are involved as they didnt get a permit and got Hardiplank representative involved who said it has to be removed.
We have also made a complaint through EQC and been told to talk to the managers of Fletchers. I also have contacted Lianne Dalziel.

honest-reliable, Aug 22, 6:34am
try an email to bemson@eqc.govt.nz

tmeq, Aug 22, 1:51pm
What is bernson's position in EQC!

david_270, Aug 22, 7:59pm
The usual one. lol.

lambrat, Aug 22, 8:03pm
lol !
er, thanks for that visual soon as i looked on here this morning.

jaybee38, Aug 23, 4:15am
Fletchers is currently trying to get us to sign off on shoddy work as well. What happens if we don't sign it off (which we wont, till its done properly). Do they just sign it off themselves!

batty211, Aug 23, 5:33am
yes I believe they can which pretty much makes a mockery of any accountability to the homeowner.I still haven't signed off on repairs finished in February and no-one has asked me to either because they know I won't given that their repairs don't meet building codes.

tillsbury, Aug 23, 7:32am
Find out the name of the LBP under whom the work was done.Always get their card and registration number when they turn up.If there are problems, this is the first point of contact -- and more importantly if they are notified of a problem then *they'll* make sure Fletchers pay to get it re-done.There has to be some point in this LBP scheme and this is one of them.

tmeq, Aug 23, 7:39am
I thought the contractor didn't get paid until it was signed off.

So, presumably, Fletchers are giving large 'interim' payments so that it doesn't matter if the work is signed off or not!

tmeq, Aug 23, 7:40am
LBP !Who/what is this!

schnauzer11, Aug 23, 8:45am
I'm sorry for the people having experiences like these,and there are all too many.You may not be able to turn back time,but advise any friends/relatives looking at repairs to opt-out,with an experienced firm.Best thing I ever did.Plus,they know how to work around the recent changes,so as not land all the up-front money on you.

mme, Aug 23, 11:48am
Who did you go with schnauzer11!

mme, Aug 23, 11:49am
What sort of repairs were those batty211

3amigoes, Aug 23, 6:32pm
If you have not had work done since February make sure that the sign off has not been done.I know of two people who were not happy with the job and did not sign off only to find that the job had been signed off and the contractor paid.When they questioned it there were notes to say that owners were not available as overseas but happy with job.Neither had been away.

3amigoes, Aug 23, 6:35pm
BUILDTECH - There are supposedly a three strikes and you are out policy.I am aware that this company has done work around town to terrible standards.If you have had work done by them please send me an email kmullally at xtra dot co dot nz as I would love to hear from you.It is time someone stood up and got not just Buildtech but other companies out that cant do the work to reasonable standards first time.It just adds to everybodys stresses.Yes we are lucky that work has been started but why should companies be making money off people.

shreilly, Aug 23, 7:12pm
We are having problems at the moment with work that was finished in january and now we are getting lots more cracks - in the same place, Fletcher's and the builder are saying it is new but the work wasn't good to start with, I did sign it off as felt pressured to and was so so over it by the time they finished, very very frustrating as I still think it is bad workmanship but we can't do anything about it

bradley1990, Aug 23, 7:39pm
I would have thought people would have realised by now that they can opt out of Fletchers and use their own choice to do the work.You need to ask around for those who may be subcontracted or are working on their own but for EQC and find out who is recommended. I recommend Quinn Rees Decorating Ltd as they do great work and go out of their way to make things easier for the people who have contracted them.

tmeq, Aug 23, 7:51pm
what is LBP!

annetteh4, Aug 23, 10:15pm
Licensed practitioner builder, ours wasnt even licensed, both him and Fletchers not returning our calls so we are left with a non compliant chimney, with interior cladding on the outside, who did you go with schnauzer11, i really need someone who is recommended i am so stressed, many thanks for all the comments, it helps to chat about this online

lorischch, Aug 23, 10:56pm
EQC had Creighton Builders do ours. They were very good. The decorators did a poor job painting in two rooms. Creightons sent them back immediately to rectify the problem and we are satisfied now.

schnauzer11, Aug 23, 11:02pm
Fix-It renovations.Established before the quakes,and now expert at EQC stuff.Had my whole house fixed(roof,ceilings,chimneys)l-
ast year,and now my huge garage with an erupted floor and damaged roof.Top-class work,great to deal with.

david_270, Aug 24, 12:29am
There are a number of complaints procedures for you to follow up on.

ken158, Jan 13, 11:41pm
what is LBP!=m Lesbian Bye Poster.

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