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tool_shop173, Jul 19, 7:36am

spudy2, Jul 19, 7:45am
yeahhh .see!thejehovah switnessesarentsooofuneeenowarethey!

samanya, Jul 19, 7:46am
Oh bugger . we are doomed whatever- which way!

tool_shop173, Jul 19, 7:47am
The part about our bodies being "ripped to bits" is pretty interesting.

bootsy2003, Jul 19, 8:04am
in about 3 billion years - I'm not going to stress about that. However a workmate said a couple of months ago that he heard Geonet scientists were "predicting" the next big one within 3 days of 20 July. So far so good .

jamesnmatt, Jul 19, 8:08am
No Geonet scientist worth his salt has ever, nor will ever, predict "within 3 days of xx date" - that's a Ring Ding-a-ling line, and should be taken with an entire shaker of salt like all his other failed predictions.

bootsy2003, Jul 19, 8:39am
I thought the same too, however the guy that told me this is an accountant - very cautious usually. Just passing on what I have heard.

lambrat, Jul 19, 8:39am
yes they are, for looking forward to it, lol

honest-reliable, Jul 19, 8:52am
Hey the 23rd is my birthday, let me celebrate first

tillsbury, Jul 19, 9:29am
He should stick to numbers.No quake scientist will ever predict an actual date or range of dates.They will only give you a percentage chance of a quake of a certain size in a certain area over a certain time.

mattthetubaguy, Jul 19, 11:27am
"No scientist will ever predict X" is a pretty silly thing to say!
Sure they can't predict them now, but eventually they WILL be able to.

theoldknitwit, Jul 19, 11:29am
Wish I never read this post of yours.

onlylv, Jul 19, 12:04pm
there was a website I used to go but can't find it any more. It's about earthquake prediction based on the full moon. + or - 3 days. Funny about this prediction as full moon was last night.

lucky.gadgets, Jul 19, 1:06pm
I don't think i need to worry about that quite yet .

. makes interesting reading though

eq-sara, Jul 19, 8:31pm
Well that's nonsense!We can't predict Earthquakes, and no one is going around the office saying so either!

anntig, Jul 19, 8:52pm
umm no it wasn't.We're between new moon and first quarter, nowhere near full moon
however since I put all my ornaments back up yesterday I am fully expecting a large quake in the next couple of days.

tideman, Jul 19, 8:53pm
The accountant who told you this sounds like a very shady character.I hope you haven't given him any of your money to look after.That's probably the last you'll see of it.

fepixie, Jul 19, 11:22pm
your workmate needs his ears washed out bootsy - and your gullibility index needs to come down a little. well ok - a lot.

fepixie, Jul 19, 11:25pm
Suggest you read some scientific papers on moon effects on earth instead of sites belonging to weirdos ;)and pop your head outside at nighttime to look at the moon instead of making stuff up.

starry7, Jul 20, 12:09am
Ummm i do hope this attitudechanges.
i would much more prefer a group of geologists to bepaid by our govt andat least be working hard towards this result,
and have an open-mind towards all possibilities with a dash ofpositivity towards trying to be able todo this, rather than appease the general views of the many who claim it is just animpossibilty ( end of story )
Come on you guys knowyou can do it. justfile awaythose limiting data books and start with a fresh canvas/outlook !

eq-sara, Jul 20, 1:30am
I was replying to this comment!

fatima1, Jul 20, 4:39am
in three billion years time!

I'll check my diary and see if I'm free that day!

bunnyclan, Jul 20, 8:29pm
Someone needs to tell Sheldon and Leonard that they need to change the name of their TV show to The Big Rip Theory.

lady_akkadian, Jul 20, 9:38pm
Thats Murphey for you. He has so much to answer too and no one ever takes him to court.

guest, May 7, 9:51pm
Franny, I'm Sam's grandmother and I am so tllihred every time I read a letter about your family's trip. I'm proud Dawn & Sam have such friends as your family. You are an incredible daughter to know all about the world around you, an education that can't be taught. Besides the education you are getting, it is a blessing to us all at home! Nana

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