Raeward Fresh

We visited this place at Tower Junction today.Awesome quality and sharp prices.Is it always this good!

flopsie, Jul 29, 9:09 pm

Hey SNAP! I was appalled at the prices of fruit and veges at my local supermarket and my sister recommended we go to Raeward Fresh so we went to Tower Junction - HUGE savings and good quality of food.We will be making that our regular fruit and vege shop.

supersapper, Jul 29, 9:25 pm

david_270, Jul 29, 9:30 pm

I used to shop at Raeward fresh on Harewood rd but I had the opposite experience.Veges were poor quality and after twice getting home to find the cheese mouldy now shop elsewhere.

beccs2, Jul 29, 10:11 pm

yes it is, well in my opinion it is, not to fond of the one by the airport though

daisybelle, Jul 29, 11:03 pm

I go to the Funky Pumpkin, they are very cheap

retroqueen1, Jul 29, 11:38 pm

They're always brilliant. They have great specials on good quality meat all the time, too.

2bit, Jul 29, 11:39 pm

I go to Raeward Fresh on Harewood road and find the quality and prices are really great.Never had any problems with the quality and find the fruit and vege last for a good time.Also find their cafe there really good!

sharonann1, Jul 30, 7:36 am

Looks like we're going to have to make the trip up to Chch more often. Thanks folks.

flopsie, Jul 30, 7:51 am

The cheese mouldy! I hope you called to let them know!

I love the new cafe- lots of gf food and good coffee.

100peaks, Jul 30, 7:56 am

I am a bit ambivalent about both Raeward Fresh and the Funky Pumpkin, I used to find that their veges didn't last, and you have to be really careful of things like bananas, and apples for both bruising and the point of ripeness.I tend not to buy from them now.

recycle_me, Jul 30, 8:02 am

Yep emailed them the first time and was given a voucher second time I emailed and didnt hear back from them so didnt follow it up.I had been shopping there for years since they were a small shop futher up Harewood Rd and have noticed a decline in quality as they had gotten bigger so had already decided it was time to shop elsewhere and now spend my money at a smaller vege place close by.

beccs2, Jul 30, 8:02 am

same I used to say bring it in the front and then take it to the back door to the rubbish bin the fruit had gone off by the time I made it home

slimgym, Jul 30, 8:22 am

There is a great independent fruit and vege place down Sawyers Arms Rd.
Just past Crofton Rd. Very good service too.

chatsmom, Jul 30, 8:58 am


harrislucinda, Jul 30, 9:58 am

Anuone recommend a good fruit and vege place not too far from Linwood! Vege Direct on that road that goes from Marshlands Rd to Burwood Hospital is brilliant but too far to go regularly for us,

lorischch, Jul 30, 10:37 am

I found the stuff I bought went rotten in a couple of days so it wasnt worth doing my weekly shop there.

theoldknitwit, Jul 30, 11:27 am

Yes, I agree

melp6, Jul 30, 3:25 pm

have you tried the havest Market Ferry Road!

pam.delilah, Jul 30, 3:27 pm

Agree.I would only go there if I was willing to take time and sort through the fruit and only if I was going to use it that day,most of it looks like its due to expire

simba79, Jul 30, 3:30 pm

I agree, I live near this one and it is AMAZING, beautiful produce and quite cheap. Best one around I reckon!

kenny92, Jul 30, 9:19 pm

We do our weekly fruit n veg shop at Funky Pumpkin and are really happy with price & quality, I do spend a while picking through though

monkles, Jul 30, 9:21 pm

There has been a new Butchery Manager at Tower and the meat has very good and cheaper than Harewood. He told me today hes going to the Harewood store to do the same offerings which suits as thats where i usually shop.

dclhw, Jul 31, 5:11 pm

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