Contents insurance rigmarole

shardi, Jul 31, 3:54am
Anyone had trouble when relocating! I have to get a builder's report on HOUSE--one question asks ifthere is any damage to the house-who in Christchurch can answer 'no'!

bootsy2003, Jul 31, 5:55am
My Mum could answer no - the only person I know who hasn't needed to put in an EQC claim. I am sure there will be plenty more.

charlieb2, Jul 31, 5:56am
Is this for a property you are renting or buying (as you mention contents insurance not house)

Are they asking you to get a builders report on a house so you can get CONTENTS insurance!

shardi, Jul 31, 11:14pm
House is mine, has been insured with same company for about 20 years! daughter was renting it but family have moved north, so I returned to live in it, bringing my contents which were insured with the same insurance company , However they are saying unless I get a builder's report on the present house and surrounds, they will not carry over my Contents Insurance. What's the problem,does anyone know!

cc7, Aug 1, 12:11am
Gosh who knows with insurance companies these days :/ When we moved we had no probs transferring our contents to the new house. But I have heard of others having problems too.

mme, Aug 1, 12:15am
Could you just send them the EQC Scope if you have it!
They are just being tricky & dicky IMO.
By far the majority of contents claims have been covered by the EQC fund
Or you coild just try to get insurance for fire & theft.

mme, Aug 1, 12:17am
I gather you as the landlord had & continue to have the house itself insured with the same company!

deanna14, Aug 1, 7:34am
Sounds like the same stuff they are pulling when I was trying to insure my sons car.Has there been any damage to the garage it is going into.If it is on the road, is there any damage to the road, or wall above the road etc,any excuse to crawl out of cover. Or give you a policy and then when you make a claim, crawl out of having to pay up.We have tar band aid strips all over our local roads, there isn't a street clear of it.

needmoretime, Aug 1, 8:39am
Baaa Haaa sounds like my former insurance company when I insured our car - they asked if I was going to park it in any EQ prone areas in which falling masonery (can't remember exact words), and the like could come down onto it.Yea right like I know which car park buildings would or wouldn't fall down and hello I live in Canterbury.sorry sounds like an 'out' to reduce their risk so not to insure you :(

hamtostie, Aug 1, 10:11am
Are you guys aware that there was an earthquake recently (multiple ones) and insurance companies had to, and are still, paying out millions and millions of $$$ on contents payouts because of houses that damaged those contents! From your complaining, it would seem like you'd never know.

Garages, a huge amount being unreinforced masonary, also damaged hundreds of vehicles.

Insurances companies cant afford to take risks anymore. YOU, not them, need to prove your contents/vehicles aren't at a higher risk than need be. Insurance isn't a god given right.

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