O/t burwood primary school uniforms

pauls_team, Aug 5, 7:17am
where is the best place and the cheapest to buy these from! needing to buy some stuff for that school very soon. is there only postie plus or somewhere else!

justnewbie, Aug 5, 7:51am
try on here

judeneil, Aug 5, 8:19am
Some schools have a second hand shop for uniforms - you might pick up a bargain. Just ask at the office at the school.

kyler, Aug 5, 9:43am
from memory burwood has generic blue trackpants and a generic top. The only thing that is specific is the jumper which the second hand shop as mentioned above would be a good starter.

chris8361, Aug 5, 9:39pm
The second hand clothing shop in brighton (can't remember what its called but its big and by the supermarket)has a rack of uniforms you could try there. I just put all mine in a clothing bin not long ago but have found a brand new navy hat in the wardrobe for summer bought for there. You are welcome to have it if you'd like.

perle, Aug 5, 10:03pm
kmart for the light blue polos, 3 in a pack for $9 - also for the navy tights if you are buying for a girl- my sisters kids go to burwood and this is where she buys a few things - she has the pinni made by a lady i cant remember the name will get back to you

sharnica, Aug 5, 10:43pm
Bambie drapery is where i got my girls Burwood uniforms, I'm not sure if they are still open!The school used to sell the jumpers and polo shirts, would pay to check with the school as Im sure they will have second hand items as well

dolfee, Aug 6, 12:21am
I have got Burwood School from Bambi Drapery, Kmart, Warehouse, Farmers and Postie Plus.Light Blue polo navy trackpants. School sweatshirt, polar fleece jacket and vest all purchased through the school.I would try the school second hand shop.

ibcreative, Aug 6, 1:41am
Yes they are in a house in Gloucester St, just past the T Bakery.

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