Great Indian food (takeway) Hornby/Russley/Riccart

supercook, Aug 6, 9:21am
Need to find great indian takeaway's for dinner Hornby/Riccarton/Russley area

lyttelton2, Aug 6, 9:46am
We've had a really good Indian meal from a little place opposite Hornby Mall (beside the Caltex s/station). Kinara Indian Restaurant, 413 Main South Rd, also do t/aways.

supercook, Aug 6, 10:15am
Thanks that's nice and handy might see if I can find them online to see if I can check out the menu.

bananna15, Aug 6, 10:17am
Tandori Palace near the uni is always good

bubbleburp, Aug 6, 8:04pm
theres a great indian place that no one really knows about opposite countdown church corner.
Spice of life - i think its called.I use to love tandori palace but this is much much better.

seductions, Aug 6, 8:10pm
Argee bargee! do the best exotic goat dish! in riccarton near the round about hospital end :)

ironlabel, Aug 6, 9:02pm
There is a Indian place in prebbleton. Prefer this over the one opp hornby mall

245sam, Aug 6, 10:30pm
Also opposite Hornby Mall, at 403 Main South Road, Hornby - Nana's Indian Cuisine - can definitely recommend their takeaways which we have had several times.:-))

tideman, Aug 6, 11:58pm
Arjee Bhajee is how it's spelt (in case you need to look it up).
Need to book these days - place was full last time we tried.
We like the eponymous Bhajees (deep fried vegetable cakes), but the goat curry is the best!

angeb2, Aug 7, 12:04am
there is a $10 deal for 1 x Curry, Rice Salad & Naan + 1 House Wine/Beer or Soft Drink for Lunch on treat me for curry time in redwood if any one is looking for a lunch

hdmovies, Aug 7, 12:12am
The redwood one is good, as in Indian Fendalton.

seductions, Aug 7, 12:13am
Lol thanks for that~! Spelling was never my forte!

angeb2, Aug 7, 12:17am
hdmovies wrote:
The redwood one is good, as in Indian Fendalton.[/quote Indian fendalton is good, they use only thigh chicken though, just a tip if your like me and only eat breast. Their dahl and aloo gobi are yum

gman35, Aug 7, 5:11am
Thigh meat is better anyway , breast chicken = boring I reckon

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