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gabstar2004, Aug 8, 3:48am

have a look at her photo gallery she is an awesome photographer she did my kids when they were babies, and did my pregnancy photo's!

Honestly she is a mint down to earth lady!

bookshelves, Aug 8, 4:27am

Rachel is Timaru-based and is amazing. She is very down-to-earth and puts you at ease.

kiwicoops, Aug 8, 5:01am
Natasha C is AMAZING!

bigbadfun, Aug 8, 7:00am
Penny Nichols

emmaj26, Aug 8, 7:24am
Another one for Penny. I wish that I had her for my wedding. A friend did and I loved the pics so recommended her for my sister (great pics!). She also does the B&W kindy photos, which are amazing and everyone comments on just how wonderful they are, capturing the children's personalities.

cassina1, Aug 8, 8:24am
She gave a talk at the Christchurch Photographic Society and was very knowledgeable

aimz_bj, Sep 19, 3:23am
Just been to a family photograph session.

I'm no photographer but why do they insist on taking over posed pics. "Put your hand here" "lay your head on his shoulder" My god it looked awful! Reminds me of some of those awkward family photos you see online.

Does anybody know of a family photographer that takes just natural looking photos! I think I will find someone else to do another family photo session for Mum.

kiwicarol, Sep 19, 3:31am
did you not tell him what you wanted!. afterall you are paying.

aimz_bj, Sep 19, 3:36am
It wasn't me that wanted it in the first place, Mum organised it and asked for me to come along.So I didn't feel it was my place to pipe up and say something or complain about what she was doing.

I am just asking for recommendations on other photographers so I could organise someone else to take pics for my Mum

matt574, Sep 19, 3:36am
take a look at mine =) in my listings

tennisfanz, Sep 19, 3:39am
penny nichols is great. i just had a session with her. she is local and takes most of the preschool photos these days. here is her website
good luck. i also dislike those 'employee of the week' photos

cc7, Sep 19, 4:50am
highly recommend backyard studio :) can be found on facebook or google the name for their website

samanya, Sep 19, 5:41am
Yours are lovely matt574.
I love the Penny Nichols ones as well.
I'm a keen amateur photographer & I just click, click, click & hope for that 'x factor' shot when photographing people.

holly_turner, Sep 19, 5:57am
Delphine co-owns studio 28, they do fab family portraits!

teddy481, Sep 19, 5:58am
Try Backyard Studio. Have heard they are fantastic

xxsaffyxx, Sep 19, 5:59am
Barry Flewellen (not sure of spelling), takes fab shots. Helps get you at ease very well.

timewarpedone, Sep 19, 7:10am
I highly recommened Laura and Sarah Palmer ofBackyard Studio- I wish I had booked them for my wedding last year- our photographer made Hitler seem nice

kimmyflo, Sep 19, 7:12am
another vote for Penny Nichols.she took pics at my preschool last year and shes coming again this week. she does reasonable package deals for families too

hdmovies, Sep 19, 7:15am

aimz_bj, Sep 19, 7:51am
I have had a lot of reccomendations for Backyard studio.I really like the look of them

woolfemme, Sep 19, 7:49pm
also does somazing photoshoots but his family stuff is great tooand fun

starchick69, Sep 20, 4:46am
i thorougly reccommend BackYard Studio! I am having them as my wedding photgraphers, and they have done my engagement pics, pics of my little fella and pics of Me, Mum and my Sister. Soooooooo friendly!

derrida, Sep 20, 6:39am
Here's another suggestion. Bryan Isbister, based in Ferry Road, lovely guy and fabulous natural pictures.

timmytime2, Sep 20, 6:42am
I did a photo shoot last thursday with the most amazing photographer in Chch! Do you want to see!

shaun1978, Sep 20, 6:51am
Penny did the photos at my sons kindy. She did an amazing job I had to order one of everything.

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