Sorting lost Rent, AMI Customer

xxsaffyxx, Jun 19, 9:07am
I have a rental, and have just heard from Fletchers that they want to start work during July.So, I sadly need to put my tenant out during this time.Now I need to discuss how to cover the rental during this time (I pay extra in my policy for this) and I phoned AMI to enquire.

However, it's all dealt with Southern Response - the new Govt department that has picked up the AMI claims (or something).They are not available after 5pm.No help with this after-hours.Is this for real!I work full time and am extremely busy when I'm there.Taking time out to gather my thoughts about how to go about this just isn't likely to happen.I even have lunch at my desk and cover the phone most of the time.

Obviously, I'm going to just have to ditch work for a while to do this from my desk.But I'd much rather deal with them in the evenings. Is this going to be a complicated process!Disappointed they're not around during the evening.

hutt, Jun 19, 9:18am It says here the Auckland team deals with temporary accommodation and is open till 7pm

1millie, Jun 19, 9:22am
Where does your tenant go! (just curious)

david_270, Jun 19, 9:23am
What arrangements are you making for your poor tenant!

xxsaffyxx, Jun 19, 9:34am
My poor tenant gets a roof over her head - as much as I can offer her.It's not my fault the friggen earthquake happened and shook us all to bits.

xxsaffyxx, Jun 19, 9:35am
Thanks Hutt, appreciate that - helpful to know.

xxsaffyxx, Jun 19, 9:42am
I've had open discussion with my tenant and she has a plan lined up.Not my place to say on here where she will go.

david_270, Jun 19, 10:12am
OK.That sounds reasonable.
The accomodation people in Auckland are very helpful, but I'm not sure if they handle loss of rent claims.
Best place to start is your local SR POD- contact details on their website.
Unfortunately the local pods are not as good as the people in Auckland.
Our contact rarely returns emails, you may have to chase repeatedly to get answers.Rumour has it that SR has taken on ex EQC people.

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