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pam.delilah, Jun 18, 12:54am

trade4us2, Jun 18, 12:59am
Why is a bridge only 2.4 metres above the road!

seaqueen, Jun 18, 12:59am
Good grief, I went under that bridge yesterday in my car and still instinctively ducked my head.what was he thinking!

poorpeter, Jun 18, 1:18am
the bridge is only 2.4 m above the road cos its only 2.5 m above the river

chef1964, Jun 18, 2:29am
as well he should have been, probably same knob-end that sent $20k to africa :)

harrislucinda, Jun 18, 2:40am
i usetolivein thatareaanddontrecallbusesgoing aroundtheriverback thenandto noteven to seethesignhowhigh thebridgeis

galfie24, Jun 18, 3:06am
How old is the bus driver! Has he been drinking at the time!

pam.delilah, Jun 18, 3:08am
I am sure after the sept quakewhen something happened down Ferry road a red bus went that way and got stuck too. Caused a huge traffic back log
I remember because it was the Saturday night we had the three in a short time and I went out to rolly with my sister for a while and saw it when we come back about 10-10.30pm

chef1964, Jun 18, 3:09am
age shouldnt be an issue. assuming he is old enough to have a passenger service vehicle license and assuming hes not so old that hes a bit senile.
and if he is found to be drink driving that should be the end of his driving career for sure

galfie24, Jun 18, 3:23am
That's why I asked. No normal and sense person would ever dream of trying to drive a big bus under that bridge.

trade4us2, Jun 18, 4:12am
Current NZTA rules stipulate that the maximum height for a load is 4.25 metres. So bridges should be higher than 4.25 metres. Buses are not that high.

slimgym, Jun 18, 4:17am
well this bridge is breaking the law then, go write up a ticket

harrislucinda, Jun 18, 4:21am
wellthatbridgehasbeen thereforyearsandnothinghasbeendoneaboutitanddontthinkiteverwill

older50ch, Jun 18, 4:29am
There have been so many vechiles jammed under that bridge it is time nz rail raised it.
There should be a sign on the entry to the street not just on the bridge saying no trucks etc.

trade4us2, Jun 18, 4:46am
If the bridge is not adequately signposted as too low, the bus driver and bus company could sue for the damage to the bus.

wizzball, Jun 18, 5:02am
There is a whacking great yellow sign with the height on it.Pretty hard to miss really.

chef1964, Jun 18, 5:04am
exactly . the sign is huge.

but sadly we live in an age where no-one takes personal responsibility anymore. its the "its someone elses fault" generation.

galfie24, Jun 18, 5:11am
It is also possible the bus driver could have been distracted by the kids. There could have been a number of reasons.

wizzball, Jun 18, 5:14am
He wasn't paying attention to the road and his surroundings - that is on him.

holly_turner, Jun 18, 5:14am
The signs are on both richardson terrace and Clarendon terrace, and both bridges look obviously too low for a bus or any tall vehicle - it isn't hard for a bus to go around the long way down radley and then onto garlands and then opawa.

Additionally, if no container trucks have hit it, despite a lot more of those using the terraces, then why was a bus driver dumb enough to attempt it!

Aside from that, it is time they did a proper river wall around clarendon - nearly couldn't get my car down there on the high tide after the snow as the sandbags had washed away!

lazkaz, Jun 18, 5:18am
funnily enough the new signage has only just gone be perfectly honest I always thought the signage was poor until then. Others have commented on that as well, however that is just my opinion.Even my son remarked on the new signs.I am not excusing the driver as he should not have taken the route, but things happen and no one was seriously hurt, I am sure everyone was very frightened.

pam.delilah, Jun 18, 5:42am
distracted may be by the kids telling him that the bus couldn'tgo under he bridge

marte, Jun 18, 5:49am
I have seen that bridge involved in another accident.

A small work stationwagon, was being driven by a house painter.
Just before he got to the bridge, he relised he was going to drive thru the wrong road tunnel & then another car came thru the tunnel he was about to drive into.
So he veared left & missed the other tunnel, but managed to collide directly headon into the supporting post between the two tunnels.

Since he was driving a work vehicle, and he was a painter, the back of the car was full of plastic 20litre paint pails.

The whole interior of the car was covered with paint,
except for a head shaped patch on the windscreen above the stearing wheel.

trade4us2, Jun 18, 5:53am
Well OK, I read other articles that did not have a photo of the bridge.
That signage is inadequate and probably illegal for a bridge that is about two metres lower than a standard height bridge.

kelsta2, Jun 18, 5:55am
i drive under that bridge everyday, only a complete idiot would try driving a bus under it! and for the person that said it is too low well maybe they could make the train tracks higher, i mean its not like they have been there for years or anything.

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