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47toby, Mar 18, 8:15am
So sorry you are in this situation.

100peaks, Mar 18, 8:23am
See. it's odd how some green/blue properties I've seen have had NO liquefaction at all. Yet that^^^ looks like you should be red. Ugh.

charlieb2, Mar 18, 7:15pm
That is shocking. poor OP.Hope they have sorted something out with their insurer.

Bit of a historic bump there 47toby, lol. I hadnt seen this the first time though as we were away.Makes you appreciate how lucky you are, when you see others so badly affected

jordyalex, Mar 18, 9:18pm
we are north brighton bower ave to ,we have major land damge huge 1 metre drop in back yard , massive holes in road directly in driveway exit , and get smashed with liqifaction everytime major one , house is got 30 cm lean over 2 metres , and we think should be red zoned to

sennytar, Mar 18, 9:34pm
As of our last assessment with our insurer a few weeks ago, the house is a rebuild (pretty obvious) - they are waiting on costings to remediate the land and then we will know for sure.We don't want to rebuild there and have asked for the option also to cash out - however we also know we could lose bigtime doing that.So its wait and see.We have some pretty amazing black mould, fungus and grass growing inside now - looks cool :)

jambee1, Jun 23, 6:17am
Has anyone in this area asked for a review!

sennytar, Jun 23, 9:09pm
We were thinking about it - also wondering like you jambee1.Keen to hear if anyone else in the street is.

porkypig6, Jun 24, 1:06am
Review process is for red zoners and green zones only not green/blue or any land zoned tc 1,2 or 3. Good luck. Have you any lateral spreading!

jambee1, Jun 24, 4:33am
not sure.I was wondering about Palmers rd river end home owners, and have they asked for a review as its pretty bad.the houses are as bad as red zone houses

jamesnmatt, Jun 24, 5:12am
PMSL you realise green zone is all either TC1, 2 or 3! other than hill suburbs.

sennytar, Jun 24, 6:43am
We have had our drilling done and our insurance has informed us our piles need to be driven 10 - 15 metres deep for our rebuild.Cept we don't think we want to rebuild - would like to just move somewhere else and get on with things.Guess we will have to wait and see what they come back with.

clr26, Jun 24, 7:52am
We are red and our piles would have needed to be 20 meters deep 3 meters apart. The other side of the river on Peterborough has gone TC3 (green-blue) and I know someone who has been told that their piles need to be 22 meters deep - I know 10 to 15 sounds a lot, but in comparison to other areas also TC3 it isn't the worst I have heard. If they red zoned your house they would have tored zone a whole lot of others. I'm not saying that it makes your situation any easier btw, I think owning a TC3 house that is unable to live in has to be the worst situation to be in.

luluweezie, Jun 24, 7:55am
No, they don't mean that if you're TC1, TC2, or TC3 you're ineligible. They mean that you can't apply for zoning review if you're TC3 and want to be changed to TC1 or 2. If you're ANY TYPE of green, and you think you should be red, you can ask for it to be reviewed BEFORE 30 June. If you're red and you think you should be green, same applies.

So no shifting from one shade of green to another, but at least a nominal review to possibly go from red to green or from green to red.

sparkly_ness, Jun 24, 8:53am
Those pics are horrible how on earth can you be green blue your land looks f***d that's totally insane

jamesnmatt, Jun 24, 9:25am
I knew that, but that isn't what they had said in their post so I cleared that up.The way their post reads is not correct.

linmc, Dec 25, 2:55am
I'm sure there will be more rezoned to red after the latest quakes.That's so awful for you.

sennytar, Dec 25, 3:03am
I have to admit I laughed when I fell in the hole, I was walking along the driveway and then next minute went straight down. I was more concerned I wouldn't be able to have a shower because we had no water.Kind of not feeling like wedon't really want to rebuild on our land when this keeps happening.Could be worse off and we are grateful we're all ok - but you do just wonder whats going to happen.

valleystream, Dec 25, 3:04am
Jeepers that's terrible! You poor things

tillsbury, Dec 25, 3:31am
Man that's bad stuff!You're not seriously considering rebuilding on there are you!We went green/blue a few months back but have never had any liquefaction or ground movement whatsoever.I doubt if these zoning guys know what they're talking about.

bandrach, Dec 25, 3:39am
What area are you in!

sennytar, Dec 25, 4:03am
We don't want to rebuild there - but what can you do if you've een zoned green/blue, just wondered if there are any other areas like that.We're in Nth New Brighton close to QEII.There are piles of liquifaction outside the driveways up Palmers Rd and Baker Street, just like the other earthquakes.

gdk1, Dec 25, 4:06am
Gerry Brownlee said on newstalk ZB last night that he would not concede that some land may need to be re zoned but will look into it

wendalls, Dec 25, 4:10am
We feel so sorry for you guys. It puts into perspective my stressful last week moving house. Hope you manage to have a nice christmas!

pickles7, Dec 25, 4:58am
shocking, I feel for you all.Something has to be sorted, what insurance co., is going to take on anything in any zone.Just when all was looking up.

000frosty000, Dec 25, 6:00am
Hope for your sake that it gets re zoned red thats pretty bad and who wants to buy a house in the east now

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