Insurance/eqc dual assessment next week, any tips?

sailbell, Jun 24, 11:35pm
After Feb, we had our house inspected by mainzeal construction (through our ins. company), they were excellent and really thorough, and insurers said we were likely over cap. Then EQC came through and did a hopeless assessment, they missed half the damage off the SOW. They have costed it as under cap, so now a year later we have both mainzeal and EQC coming next week to do a joint assessment. Im so sick of it all, just want my house fixed! Does anyone have any experience/advice about this! Our insurance company has been really good, but I have no trust in EQC and Im worried Ill end up with some shoddy patch up job :(

jamesnmatt, Jun 24, 11:47pm
one big piece of advice - ask your insurer who is coming to represent EQC.There are a couple of names that you might want to google - try looking for EQC and Consumer Advocates in The Press website.And then be sure you are happy to have those representatives present, if you aren't then ask them to send others.

kiwicoops, Jun 24, 11:51pm
If you can have someone with building experience to be there as your advocat and to challenge them as required. Make sure you get everyones names and contact details. Follow them around and listen to their conversations.and don't hold your breath for the report.I'm 10 weeks today and counting.sigh!

david_270, Jun 24, 11:54pm
There have been lots of discussions about replacing gib vs rake & fill.
Others know lots more, but some general Gib info is here: Print these off as a guide:

I think as a general rule if gib has a diagonal crack in it the whole sheet/wall needs to be replaced. Vertical or horizontal cracks may be repairable.
You will need to point out all damage that you are aware of, and don't let them dismiss things as "pre-existing".
They should be checking levels with a laser level.
Probably worth having a support person with you to help keep an eye on them and help if you get some of the bad EQC people.
Record names & times, and take photos of them.

lambrat, Jun 25, 12:16am
i'm same as op.
i pointed out any pre-existing damage to mainzeal, am insured by vero.but that was way back. i'd love to see his report, was from may last year.
the eventual eqc scope of works (inspected july, sow produced october) included repairing foundation damage but goalposts have moved since then so i don't know yet whether that will be justa patchup. if it is i'll be well under cap.
guess the point is make sure you're clear about anything you definately know was pre-existing, and stick to your guns about the definite damage. don't say 'i don't know' too often.

ae86guy, Jun 25, 2:05am
I apparently had a joint assessment done on the 14 june on site, funny thing is I was home all day and no one was here except me and the kids

luluweezie, Jun 25, 2:22am
Definitely follow them around and LISTEN. They tend to make the homeowner feel like we're eavesdropping on a private conversation, but it's OUR house they're discussing. Don't be afraid to ask questions or for clarification.

As for getting a copy of the report, if they actually put something on paper, it might be worth asking if you can take a quick photo of it! Just say you're concerned that you won't remember all the details. Unfortunately, that won't work if they use their bloomin' iPads.

prittythings, Jun 25, 9:45am
We had 2 from Eqc and 1 from Arrow at our dual assesment. We had the woman from EQC sit us down in the lounge to "discuss" the mess of the claims, while the other two wandered around taking notes, whispering lots.
They were very cagey about telling us anything and didnt appreciate being asked questions about repairs to foundation which went from lifting and relevelling to jack and pack some piles. Think we will be shafted by both parties. Would definitely ask for a copy of any notes they have taken, wish we had!

jude02, Jun 25, 6:34pm
Get a voice recorder and record everything they say - It is not illegal to record without their knowledge. Take photos. Remember you have paid an insurance that provided you with full reinstatement. Get an advocate to be there with you. Sit down after with your advocate and make a record of what was said and your felling.
If I may paraphrase Mahatma Gandhi ??

gillian25, Jun 25, 9:56pm
We were a write off last sept. Dual assessment in Feb 12. Downgraded to $39,000. Took all assesments to private Structural Eng. Had a full Insp. Got report yesterday. House is a total Write off. We are dealing with Proclaims Management and hopefully it will be resolved before we are extinct.
Dual Ass. Make sure you have someone with you. Generally they are BULLY.BOYS. The smiling knife comes to mind.Good Luck. Be strong

sailbell, Jun 25, 10:13pm
wow ok, now Im pretty nervous, its such a disgrace that we pay premiums for years, in good faith, and then they try and rip us all off :( how do I get an advocate!

gillian25, Jun 25, 11:26pm
Ring Proclaims. The first visit is free. They in ChCh.Phone is 9437145 or 021353599. They maybe able to advise you.

sals11, Jun 26, 3:18am
familiar story was the engineer GR
Scary all threads relating to gr are removed from these boards and elsewhere
makes you wonder who the telltale tits are on here and to what extent EQC will go to bully people into shutting up!

blackbnz, Jun 26, 5:05am
they will tell you that you are not needed to walk around with them.WALK around with them!I got told they did not need my input and now I wish I had been more forceful.

sailbell, Jun 26, 9:10am
thanks for all your replies :). I will contact proclaim tomorrow, and will also try and find out whose coming from EQC to look at my house. And Ill definately be walking around with them taking notes!

cloffie, Jun 26, 9:39am
I walked around with the EQC assessors that came June 13th 2011to assess Feb 2011 damage.
A comment after an houror so of being a "hounddog"yappin at them
"Dont feel that you have to accompany us for the full assessment"
"oh but I want to!" said Cloffie .
Poor mr I-pad retired bwanker from Aus didnt have an answer so I just continued to hang out with them.and was even kind enough to show them Sept 2010 assessment

j_9_, Jun 26, 10:15am
Same situation as OP, however different insurance company. They have been great, said their assessment will be a rebuild but of course EQC say under-cap patch up repair.Dual Assessment was 6 weeks ago and still no report/decision, now supposed to take another 2-4 weeks.

Main issue is my insurance co say $90k to re-level floors however EQC a third of that as they use a different formula, hence putting us under-cap and not in insurance hands.

I followed the two EQC people and 2 insurance people around no problem. Insurance were fantastic and even caught them rolling their eyes when EQC were 'blah-blahing' about how much it would cost to repair and it is all good.Good luck!

mizp, Jun 26, 10:15am
I wonder what Proclaims charge! I can't see anything on their website alluding to fees at all.

sailbell, Jun 27, 3:42am
Hmmm, apparently EQC has no way of finding out who is coming to assess my house! typical :( said I had to wait until they came.

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