cindygirl, Jul 11, 3:06am
gosh why do people keep going on about it.
seems to me the top guys care more about cathedral than getting on with the job of sorting out peoples homes so they can move on.
chch as we knew it has gone and we all need to move on.
people before buildings.
i have all my memeries and lovely photos,sad that the rebuild will not be in my time

lankylass, Jul 11, 3:17am
ha ha ha .aren't you still going on about it by starting this thread!And the people who are sorting out people's homes aren't in charge of whether the cathedral is repairable or not.So that's your answer.

supra_luva, Jul 11, 3:53am
I so agree . Why cant some people see that repairing the cathedral wont make any difference to the speed at which people homes get fixed or new houses are built or the CBD is rebuilt. The money will come from insurance and global fundraising and peoplewont be choosing between donating to the cathedral restoration and helping people with their housing needs as they have already put their hands in their pockets for the people of chch (although Im not sure the money went to where they thought it would go)

addington261, Jul 11, 4:49am
aahhh#2 & #3finally 2 common sense poststhankyou!

sheeprus, Jul 11, 5:38am
As per post two - Why are you "going on about it"! by starting another thread. Just knock the thing down to stop all the bickering/arguments and all the money being wasted on all the "proposals" Time to move on to a brighter NEW Christchurch and stop dwelling on the past!

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