Red zoners - can u help woolston primary school ?

abbeydraper, Jul 10, 11:45pm
They are wanting to make a nice fenced off garden area and are hoping some kind redzoners will help out with donations of flowers and fencing that would otherwise go to waste. If you can help please contact the caretaker of the school (Ben). Thanks :-)

batty211, Jul 10, 11:47pm
what a good idea, it would probably feel great to know plants that might not have been saved will make a nicer environment for some kids.

fimeister, Jul 12, 4:12am
I have about 80 red tulip bulbs but someone would need to dig them up

clr26, Jul 12, 6:15am
I have stuff but I'm unfortunately waiting for final assessment. Lovely perfect conditionnew picket fence.I'll repost if/when we find out what's happening but it might not be for a few weeks.

rach2004, Jul 12, 9:36am
I would but I am digging them all up to take as landscaping is truely expensive when starting from scatch, Good idea though, I went to Woolston primary from 1979 - good times back then,

shmay, Jul 12, 11:58am
Then surely a small donation from a former pupil wouldn't go astray.

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