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horizon3, Jan 21, 6:58am
My wee bichon/fox terrier X goes to Taffs.Cindy is so good with him. Have come to pick him up and Cindy maybe still working on him, so sit
quietly back and listen,. I would kill to have the control over him that Cindy does. He looks great when finished and for a dog with quakeissues and
is stressed to the max I wouldnt take him anywhere else.

stan202, Jan 21, 8:12am
please don't go here, my pup became very frightened after being here and refused to go in the car for 2 weeks after, and she loves the car.go to di's in rolleston.

josh24681, Jan 22, 5:43am
Sharnas in hornby i wouldnt take my dog there even if they paid me!
Groomingdales in papanui, i dont believe for a second would let any dog have it as the above person mentioned, they have master groomers in there and its all very nice and clean and good price my dog loves it!

josh24681, Jan 22, 5:45am
Kiwi-chick if you want to know about dogs being hit, then watch through the window at Groomingdales Papanui. I was in there looking at the fish and when I turned around one of the groomers was letting a dog have it 'real-good'!. I would not treat any animal that way. Would you! Seein' is Believin'!

Doubt it! hardly believe any of the ladies in there would do that and also hardly believe they would be that stupid, they are awesome and my pooch loves the ladies in there

lrbz, Jan 22, 6:23am
Karen from Best buddies dog groomer is great

carls12, Jul 13, 3:34am
Does anyone have any recommendations for an excellent dog groomer anywhere in the Chch area!
Not fussed on price, just want someone decent and qualified :)
For a small dog (Shih Tzu)

terraalba, Jul 13, 3:37am
Bark Avenue on Bewdley Street.

carls12, Jul 13, 3:40am
Fantastic! Thanks :)

napoleon49, Jul 13, 4:53am
Shanas, in Hornby they are just lovely, recommend them Highly

winkadink, Jul 13, 4:57am
sorry OP do you mind if me hijacking this thread! I am after a dog groomer too but we have a Siberian husky not many groomers know what to do with them

wizzball, Jul 13, 5:04am
Try Nouveau Canine Design on the corner of Innes Rd and Cranford St both of you.I have been taking my bichon/maltese there for years and he is BRILLIANT IMO.My dog LOVES going there and he does a fantastic job without costing a small fortune.

wizzball, Jul 13, 5:04am
I ask my dog if he wants to go to the hairdressers and he goes nuts he is that happy LOL.

lucys-dad, Jul 13, 5:42am
Try missy_j.c on here, used her alot on dog and cats, excellent job, highly recommended.

prittythings, Jul 13, 5:43am
Bark Ave, our wee dog loves it there!

quinny, Jul 13, 6:11am
Animal Vacation Centre, Maces Rd. Groom my Samoyed to Show quality.

napoleon49, Jul 13, 6:30am
I ask my Bichon if he wants to go and see his Girl friends and he loves them he goes nuts

schnauzer11, Jul 13, 6:31am
+1.Great for our M.Schnauzer and the Airedale,does both really well.

rdeejay, Jul 13, 6:53am
DIY! but then i have time to groom my bichon although in saying that he will go to the groomer at least once a year.Spent about 400 on clippers and metal blade attachments, wanted a different length cutting blade much later and got one off amazon and got it for 1/3rd the price here to buy for exact same product. Initial costs have paid for themselves a few times over now.

moeshelle, Jul 13, 6:55am
Taffs in Bishopdale are fantastic and part of the NZ Grooming Association

babyonboardnz, Jul 13, 6:57am
Vernas Pet Grooming in Fernside is excellent - 033131884

babyonboardnz, Jul 13, 6:58am
Yes, but sheila has left and they haven't taken her name off the building, so its false advertising

hayds, Jul 13, 7:21am
+1 Our little Cavalier King Charles comes out looking so cute every time :D

char522, Jul 13, 7:33am
They are really good there, but unfortunately they decided to stop doing big dogs, so I have to take my Golden Retriever elsewhere now :(

smoff79, Jul 13, 8:12am
i took my small girls to dog dayz at shirley vet.she does a fab job every single time, our foxie cross hates her nails being done and she said today she was perfect it was about 80 today and my poodle x was very knotty.She does all sizes of dogs and she breeds german shepards (i hope thats right) she does my old girl too she is big.

justnewbie, Jul 13, 8:15am
not being a troll here but. you can become a qualified dog groomer!

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