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galmian, Jan 13, 7:10am
Have observed six months since Lucy left home, by packing all her stuff away in a box in the garage. She didn't like the cat bed, so i could give that away if anyone would like one.

galmian, Mar 7, 7:54am
I will be moving out of the red zone in a few weeks.I wish I could be taking Lucy with me.

bunnyclan, Jul 13, 8:17am
bump for wee lucy

bunnyclan, Jul 13, 11:10am
'Nother bump for the late nighters

bunnyclan, Jul 13, 8:12pm
Has anyone seen Lucy!

lisa418, Jul 14, 1:57am
Bump for kitty :-)

haze_xo, Jul 14, 9:01am
Hey not sure if you have done it already but when our cat went missing we contacted the spca and gave details (coloring/his long fur/collar color) and someone had actually found him and reported him in detail to the spca so we ended up getting our cat back. Good luck =)

bunnyclan, Jul 15, 6:43am
Lucy is still missing.

nessies1, Jul 15, 6:56am
Hope you find her, my two cats have both gone missing for over a week but luckily have returned, so fingers crossed for Lucy.

bunnyclan, Jul 15, 9:31am
Please come home Lucy.

lambrat, Jul 16, 5:53am
any luck!

honest-reliable, Jul 16, 6:17am
Is it the one that has been found in Barrington!

bookwormzonline, Jul 16, 6:23am
Bumping for Lucy, such unusual markings with all that ginger on her back.
I lost my ginger boy for three days and went out looking. Eventually found him incapacitated with an abscess so good luck with the search!

gypsy271, Jul 16, 6:45am
I work at night and go home that way early morning when it's quiet so will have a look around.

lisa418, Jul 16, 9:17pm
Bumping Kitty.

jambee1, Jul 17, 12:23am
I have contacted the owner.I am feeding this cat most mornings :)

but cannot get close to it.hopefully it will come to its owner

bunnyclan, Jul 17, 5:00am
Oh jambee1!I hope it is her.Haven't heard from my friend yet, so you probably know more.
Fingers crossed for a happy reunion!

galmian, Jul 17, 9:59am
Thank you jambee1, I am delighted that you have spotted her, and hope we can get her to come to me and be brought home.
I am so appreciative of your kindness to her and your support of me.

devine-spark, Jul 17, 10:01am
Oh that is so nice.Well done.

galmian, Jul 29, 2:48am
jambee is still giving Lucy food in mornings but Lucy doesn't hang around to have her photo taken or be caught. Someone else in Bower Ave/Palmers Rd area seems to be feeding her as well. Please contact me if you think you have seen her. Nearly 3 weeks with no Lucy isn't nice!

galmian, Aug 21, 10:57am
Updating; Lucy hasn't been seen for a week or so, and it looks like she may not be visiting Jambee any more. Please keep an eye out for this scared little cat living rough. I would so much like to have her home.

galmian, Sep 2, 1:22am
Lucy is probably still in the Palmers Rd area; I am visiting another property trying to attract her attention. Would be thrilled if anyone else spots or finds her.

galmian, Oct 6, 7:14am
No sign of Lucy. Three months since she left one night, still haven't given up hope but really don't think she will wander back by herself, and nobody has been able to lure her enough to pick her up. Perhaps they will someday, and the microchip will still work.

fergus14, Oct 6, 7:56pm
Dont give up hope. Our tabby went missing for ages in Palmers rd. Turned out he was being fed by neighbours just a few houses away . They thought he was a stray. Hes a chubby boy who just loves his food.

galmian, Oct 24, 8:57am
It's nearly four months now, and Lucy will be two years old next week. She is still my little cat, and I still want to find her.
Please, if anyone in the Burwood/New Brighton/North Beach area sees a cat that looks like her, please let me know. If you can catch her contact me (link above has my phone number) and I will come and get her. Thank you!

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