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meetafamily, Mar 21, 8:54pm
Hi there, just checking in to see how any year 9 students are getting on. My daughter not so happy at her school so looking into unlimited again. She isn't being challenged and is finding classes boring.

articferrit, Mar 21, 11:30pm
Would you consider Hagley!

2bit, Mar 22, 12:29am
I have been up to Unlimited when it used to be in the mall exactly twice. I went up there to give an exam. The first time there was a used condom in the lift. The second time there were three painfully drunken students in the lift. Keep your kid well away from the place, I'd say.

mm12345, Mar 22, 12:35am
I'm calling you out on that one.I don't believe you.

2bit, Mar 22, 12:38am
Too bad. It happened.

mm12345, Mar 22, 1:11am
So you, and only you say.I don't believe you, and the "too bad" part about your comments should be that people like you can and do make stuff up, for whatever reason - but usually malicious.
Even if there was some element of truth to what you say - very unlikely in my opinion - then you could selectively present an example of bad behaviour by students or staff, and post malicious comments on the internet about every school in New Zealand.

mbos, Mar 22, 1:18am
That's for sure.I remember at our school it turned out the ruckus we could hear was a very, very, conservative religious boy who'd gone and got himself utterly hammered under the stage in the hall.During school assembly.

2bit, Mar 22, 1:22am
I'm not too concerned what you believe. I've said my bit. It's true. Every reader here, you included, is entitled to interpret what I've said any way they like. That really has no impact whatsoever on what's true. End of conversation.

had2have, Mar 22, 1:26am
Unlimited is now at the uni.

had2have, Mar 22, 1:29am
I would definitely check Unlimited out my son loves it. It is now at the uni teachers college end.

mm12345, Mar 22, 1:32am
I am concerned that you believe it's okay to make serious allegations, which you can't substantiate, with apparent malicious intent, on public forums.If you are, as you claim, involved in some way with the education system, then you need to take a good hard look at yourself, and what seems to be your own completely unethical behaviour.
I have spent a lot of time associated with this school over the past 6 years or so, and have never witnessed anything remotely like what you claim to have seen.

mbos, Mar 22, 1:34am
I don't know that you can divine 2bit's intent, malicious or otherwise, as behind their posting.Finding their posting to be discreditable, or annoying, does not automatically mean their intent was malicious.

2bit, Mar 22, 1:40am
There's nothing here or in any of my previous posts or trading history to suggest I'm the kind of person who makes malicious accusations for amusement. That is your interpretation. Readers here have my comments, and yours. I'm sure they can make their own minds up. Really, I'm done with this conversation. Have a nice day.

2bit, Mar 22, 1:42am
Thank you. I'm not malicious. I've said the same thing to people I know IRL who are thinking of enrolling their child at Unlimited. I'm sorry, but I think it's important to know. I've never encountered anything like that elsewhere in Christchurch, and I've had a lot to do with a variety of secondary schools.

mm12345, Mar 22, 1:51am
At one high school I went to, the head prefect was expelled for selling drugs to junior school students, several students were expelled for being "ring-ins" for students sitting external exams, and a student with "issues" burned down a school building.
The next high-school I went to made headline news when a "traditional" junior vs senior school flour-bomb fight got out of hand, students smashed stuff up and started beating each other around the head with desk legs etc., a dozen or so needing hospital treatment.
A counselor I know at another school told me that she had a distressed 14yo in her office, concerned that she was pregnant.The counselor managed to establish that the girl hadn't missed a period, and asked when she'd last had intercourse, to which the girl replied "at interval".
Those all happened at "good schools".It wouldn't be fair to name them- as it could have been any school.

mm12345, Mar 22, 1:55am
Ok - I'll give her the benefit of the doubt that it wasn't deliberate.But it was certainly malicious, unfounded, unable to be substantiated, unwelcome, unhelpful, negative, out of context (because even if true - some bad stuff does happen at any school), and downright unprofessional if the OP is as claims, involved in the education system.

mm12345, Mar 22, 1:58am

mbos, Mar 22, 2:02am
It was malicious as you say, if their intent was to do harm.However, in the context of this thread, the OP was asking what people's thoughts, opinions and experiences of this school was, so as to enable them to make a choice about it for their daughter.

In that context, 2bit could be said to be the opposite of malicious, actually intending to help the OP by contributing their honest opinion based on their experience to the thread.You may personally find it hard to believe that they did not have that experience, but that is not to say that they did not.

meetafamily, Jun 12, 8:38am
My child is keen to apply for this school next year. She is in Year 7. She is very bright and doing well at school. Top awards for last year. Is it very easy to get in! Anyone with children who go to this school! Is it really any different to other secondary schools! She likes the idea of being able to follow her interests.

angel161, Jun 12, 8:43am
Hi, Its now sharing with Halswell College because it lost its home based in the Earthquake, have heard a rumour the Goverment is looking at closing both down but not sure how true it is. My Nephew goes there he loved it when they were in town but it says it is alot more strutured now since sharing with another school.

meetafamily, Jun 12, 8:53am
Really! close it down!Boy that will leave a big hole. Anyone else heard this rumour! Anyone else agree it has become more structured!

question_chick_, Jun 12, 9:37am
It has changed a bit with a change of leadership. I know a few teens doing VERY well there, I also know a few just pissing about doing nothing.
Like anything you get out what you put in

doggybear, Jun 12, 9:46am
The subjects you do are based on what you excel in and are genuinely interested in.They don't believe in wasting your time taking subjects which are of no interest to you, so each youth has a very personal timetable.You should definately apply, but do it now.

donnathecowgirl, Jun 12, 9:49am
It has changed and for me its not been for the better.I have waited for almost 2 terms to a work book for my daughter. Dreadful communication between teachers and administration. They have had a lot of teachers leave so not much continuity. My daughters last year this year, part-time and is doing better working from home than at Unlimited. Sad really before Feb 22nd i would've highly recommend it.

meetafamily, Jun 12, 10:29am
Anyone know how long they propose being based in Haswell. Are they hoping to relocate back to town!

How's Discovery school going being out of the city centre! Has that changed dramatically!

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