O/T - Primary School Tutor

yodagirl, Jun 14, 11:40pm
Hi there where would I find a tutor for Year 1/2 reading and maths!On the eastside.Or can someone recommend someone or a service!

jules340, Jun 15, 12:03am
My mum but she's in Rangiora!

stephikins, Jun 15, 12:05am
I wouldn't mind.I have taught english to foreign students and have a graduate certificate in english language teaching to adults.I'm in Burwood.Leave me a message on one of my auctions if interested.

gaspodetwd, Jun 15, 12:16am
Why pay! You can do it yourself really easily. It's all about little and often. One hour or thirty minute sessions aren't very productive at this age.
Whereabouts in Chch are you!

bert747, Jun 15, 12:19am
I could possibly help, though i live in spreydon. also have 2 children myself so would just depend when/what times you were thinking of.I taught Year1/2 children for 11 years but have not been teaching while at home with my 2. jo-rob@paradisedotnetdotnz

lyttelton2, Jun 15, 7:03am
Yodagirl - what makes you think you need to get a tutor! The school should be providing everything you need at this age and unless there are specific learning difficulties you know of, your child will probably 'catch up' by the end of Yr2. Also, Yr1 work obviously is different to Yr2, do you have 2 children or are you looking at a Yr2 child catching up! I am a Primary teacher who works part-time with yr0-3 children and live in the East. I would happily help, but wonder if you need to be going to this extra expenditure! Feel free to email me at indigolearn@the yahoo place .com.au

yodagirl, Jun 15, 7:15am
Thank you so much.I will email you with some info.

jaygee56, Jun 16, 1:51am
(Oops- made a couple of toys, so will try again). I agree with lyttelton2. Just re-read her school reading book at home each night. It is the 'mileage' that is important. Talk about letter sounds, point out words on signs, read books WITH her, count anything around home, talk about numbers (more/less). Just do fun learning stuff. No need to spend money yet- it's way too early.

jaygee56, Jun 16, 1:52am
Should be 'typos' - double oops!

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