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jessie981, Jun 15, 8:58am
Old news. Had this email with 'supposed' letter from Bobby.

sumstyle, Jun 15, 9:02am

puddles11, Jun 15, 9:03am
It has curves - I guess it wasn't a local architect.

sheeprus, Jun 15, 9:04am
Had that one ages ago. - Pretty pathetic I thought.

charlieb2, Jun 15, 9:09am
Some people have no idea *rolls eyes*I really LOVED this design, so symbolic of Chch AND a builidng worthy of our much beloved anglican bishop

ken158, Jun 15, 9:12am
Thanks Charlie. just thought those who had not seen it might enjoy a laugh
on this rotten wet night! lol

antonios1, Jun 15, 9:18am
First time I've seen it, and you have to love it!

kelsta2, Jun 15, 10:50pm
don't you just love it when you share a photo to share a laugh and people get all weird on it!Some people may have not seen it yet.

sals11, Jun 15, 11:04pm
I haven't seen it before & I think its funny. Thanks for sharing Ken

ken158, Jun 15, 11:10pm
Glad you enjoyed my sense of humour. lol
But it is nice to dig something out for a laugh once in a while.
Keep warm folks.

robyn35, Jun 16, 3:56am
well I LOLed when I first saw it, thought it was quite funny

tattyrat, Jun 16, 4:27am
We hadn't seen itbeforeand had a good laugh!Very symbolic. Loved it.

jessebird, Jun 16, 9:00am
Then we would be laughted at, its a lost cause.

100peaks, Jun 16, 9:06am

porkynz, Jun 16, 12:14pm
Yeah I agree LOL. sheesh lighten up people.I loved the Cathedral too but laughter really is the best medicine :)

calista, Jun 17, 7:25am
Thanks Ken- I hadn't seen this and it gave me a much needed laugh tonight.

terraalba, Jun 17, 7:35am

phoenix22, Jun 17, 7:50am
Hehe, I like it.

simba79, Jun 17, 8:11am
Ha.first time I have seen it.very good,thanks for posting it

ju9, Jun 17, 8:24am
I enjoyed the laugh!thanks

opencast, Jun 17, 11:46am
A Cone-thedral!

nzgemma, Jun 17, 7:37pm
And your point is!

ken158, Jun 18, 7:54pm
Like. lol

Conechurch .new name for the city.

banjo2002, Jun 19, 5:56am
Havent seen it before and had a good laugh When are they going to start it
Yes I think Conechurch is good

ginwit, Jun 19, 7:11am
Can't wait to see it finished :D

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