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roxykittykat, Mar 10, 6:05am
This thread is great and needs to keep going

fineo, Mar 10, 8:13am
Christchurch air port tower had a light at night that shone around and around and then the lights from the Industries fair,GuyFaulks night sky rockets

cardiffgirl, Mar 10, 8:33am
Mrs Popes shop in Barrington Mall

tattyrat, Mar 10, 5:48pm
HUGE ice creams at Pa's Dairy in Colombo StMy kids loved them - early 70s

slimgym, Mar 10, 7:55pm
He was at the Riccarton Market the other sunday great to see him

littlepanda1, Mar 12, 9:09am
Buying Chardon for $1.50 from United Services Hotel. Cashel Street /High Street before they were peds. Sniggering at the HUGE bras and undies in Mrs Popes (not laughing now).

retroqueen1, Jun 15, 8:51pm
I can remember going to the Chancery Bar for drinks and to dance to the music and then walk/crawl/trip over the Square on the way to Menage nightclub. I can remember doing this even in the middle of winter with nothing much on under a big warm coat, the winters were not so cold back in the 80s

gillian25, Jun 15, 9:07pm
Remember hairdressing in New Brighton,at Gainsborough Hair Fashions on Saturdays and the Brass Bands coming down the street. Only weekend shops open. And my older sister being a GoGo Girl in a cage at nightclub. I think it was Palladium. Gosh this is a great thread.Keep adding.

gillian25, Jun 15, 9:15pm
My Dad and my brother owned the Pie Cart for years. I remember pealing all the spuds everynite after school to feed all you guys. I didntknow it was such an icon. I must of been too young to appreciate it. I just thought it was a lot of hard work for 20cents

briggsy9, Jun 16, 1:08am
My first date! We went to the Regent picture theatre on a Saturday night.It had wooden floors and I dropped a hand full of Jaffas and they made a heck of a racket rolling down the theatre lol lol.Our first kiss in city mall on The Bridge of Remembrance.

carol113, Jun 16, 2:37am
Aulesbrooks.whre you used abuy a cartonof broken biscuits

brightspark, Jun 16, 2:54am
Xanadu, Firehouse, Chancery Palladium (sensing a pattern here!) LOL.
Krispy Chips in the Square, Doghouse. 4cents for a bus in to town. Going to a creche upstairs somewhere in the Square. I think it was above where the womens toilets where! Hayes Roof.

martin11, Jun 16, 3:00am
Sitting in your car outside the post office and then seeing how far you could drive around the square with the inside wheel spinning .

fineo, Jun 16, 5:12am
See we have had boy racers for decades lol

lyttelton2, Jun 16, 6:48am
LOL - I remember one night my BF at the time drove his Mum's mini through the Square - needless to say he got caught and done for DIC. We thought it was immensely funny at the time. (He and his Mum didn't tho')!

halffullglass, Jun 16, 6:50am
i had a school holiday job icing animal biscuits at aulesbrooks lol
the whole factory smelled of warm, sweet biscuits in a slightly terrifing way!

shazza351, Jun 16, 8:18am
the chocolate ones were always the first to get eaten and the square pink wafer ones and coconut ones were last to go in our house

roxykittykat, Jun 16, 8:24am
Gladstone, Star & Garter, Hillsborough Tavern, Aranui - I remember seeing some great bands

articferrit, Jun 16, 8:36am
Hillsborough Tavern when the lead singer in the band which was playing that night had his false leg fall off in the middle of a set and it flew off across the pub, it was brilliant! I'll remember his name in a minute.

chchliz, Jun 16, 8:43am
Delish roast chicken sammies and nachos at Le Cafe, what a shame they are gone

ladeda, Jun 16, 8:47am
You must be the same age as me.

ladeda, Jun 16, 8:48am
My first full-time job was making savouries at Stevies Pies.

First part-time job was making burgers at Pete's Burger Bar in Victoria St.

muff6, Jun 16, 9:02am
Oh the cats pyjamas was the shizzel, we always talk about good that was:)

gillian25, Jun 16, 9:42am
What about making your own reg stickers for your cars and drinking at Cokers on a Friday night with all the car dealers. I worked at Farmers Car Sales and thought I was the cats pajamas with all the dealers .

yaqub, Jun 16, 9:54am
Winchells at the corner of Gloucester and Colombo.yummy doughnuts

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