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neko555, Jun 10, 11:19am
Hi there. Does this really help keep house warm! Silly question but are the bubbles facing glass or the room! Best way to stick to glass! Any other heating ideas on budget would be appreciated. Thanx in advance.

sunshinemegs, Jun 10, 11:33am
Can't see why it wouldn't work.
Plenty of websites and you tube videos to show you how it's done

daisyhill, Jun 10, 11:35am
Have you looked into the "proper" plastic film that sticks on to the window frame with double-sided tape! You shrink it taut with a hairdryer after fitting it. The end result is almost invisible (not good for kids or cats, for that reason) and is usually preferable to bubble wrap in any window you might want to look out of. You can get it in Mitre10 among other places.

Anything that seals off draughts and makes a still-air gap between your room and the outside window pane is a good thing.

bookshelves, Jun 10, 7:17pm
yes, this is great - and almost as efficient as the retro-fitted double glazing you pay thousands for (according to a BRANZ study)
YOU can by online too . here.

$30 will do a lot of windows! And it's not overly visible if done correctly. YOu can take it off in summer if you want. Best time to install is March as any moisture in thewood will get trappped.We have it and virtually no condensation at all in unheated rooms and none at all in the heated room.

jaybee116, Jun 10, 7:20pm
I've used this film for years - brilliant!

supersapper, Jun 10, 7:38pm
My sister and I have both done this - it makes a surprising difference so a very cost effective choice.Also you can see through it quite clearly which you wouldn't be able to do with bubble wrap

bookshelves, Jun 10, 8:01pm
Yes, visitors don't even notice it on the windows unless I point it out.I was very skeptical, but am now a convert and believe it's one of the cheapest things you can do to get a warmer home.

room41, Jun 10, 8:53pm
The bubble wrap idea works really well on toilet or bathroom windows which are frosted anyway and those rooms are usually on the cold side of the house. After cutting bubble wrap to size I dampened the window with a wet pastry brush and pressed it on starting at the top and using the flat of my hand to move it into place.Mine has been on for weeks and feels warm to touch.You put the bubble side against the window.
I agree the clear wrap does distort the view but only minimally, it's downfall is that it's no good with a family of small kids, cats and dogs as my daughter found within a few days.
Try Warehouse, Postshop, Warehouse Stationery for a small roll of bubble wrap.

antonios1, Jun 10, 9:44pm
Can someone please explain why the clear wrap stuck to the window is no good with kids, cats or dogs!

luluweezie, Jun 10, 9:49pm
They will poke holes in it. Even if you think they won't, they will. There is not a child in the universe that can sit on the potty and look out the window without trying to stick a finger through the film. And cats just have to touch it with one claw. And dogs push their noses into it, because they forget it's there.

chookness, Jun 10, 10:08pm
Its not stuck straight on the window.its on the frame so there is a gap between the film and the window like double glazing:)

bookshelves, Jun 10, 10:16pm
I have 2 cats and have had the film on for 3 winters - no holes caused by them .

denise662, Jun 10, 11:32pm

luluweezie, Jun 11, 12:19am
I thought this method sounded like it would probably work better than the clear film method; but according to the BRANZ study, the clear film actually keeps more warm air inside the room!

rcox, Jun 11, 4:59am
We did the laundry/toilet ( south side ) last weekend with bubble wrap, made a huge difference allready!
No more condensation & warmer.

lambrat, Jun 11, 5:20am
i checked the price of nzpost's bubblewrap, 3m x 30cm wide is $4.99
then found a chch seller on trademe for a 60m x 65cm wide roll $60
and a recent expired listing for 30cm wide x 50m for $26 i think it was .
nzpost are sure making a killing, lol

deflatedpumpkin, Jun 11, 5:53am
office max seems the cheapest i could find in chch, i think it was 1300mm x 30m - $45.99

lambrat, Jun 11, 8:11am
i just saw 30cm wide x 100m for $27 on the warehouse stationery site.

i've just put what bits of bubblewrap i did have here onto a couple of windows to see how they handle it. two pieces on each window.
they went on easily and if they're still hanging in there in a couple of days i'll do some more. like the bathroom for a start, lol

materna, Jun 11, 8:20am
Will this work on aluminium frames! Our rental gets bad condensation. Am wondering if it is worth me looking at getting some bubble wraps.

coolcharmgirl1, Jun 11, 8:26am
so were can we buy the clear cover,i couldnt seee were to buy online.

bookshelves, Jun 11, 8:53am
I got mine from the link I posted above, but I see their retail shop link is broken.

There is this .


Just did a search for "window insulation" on ebay - heaps there.

Not the best time of year to do though as the window frames should be bone dry .if you put on now I would re-do at the tail end of next summer.

luluweezie, Jun 11, 8:59am
Also Community Energy Action (in New Brighton) sells the clear film, it's $20/roll which is enough to do about 3 average windows. To be honest, the bubble wrap is way easier to use -- I've tried both and wouldn't bother with the film anymore. The only down side to the bubble wrap is if you have a view that you love.

coolcharmgirl1, Jun 11, 9:03am
But whats a average size window ! i have heaps of large windows to do and are trying to work out roughly what it would cost. The link for c ation to buy doesnt work.

liam2002, Jun 11, 9:21am
sorry my blondeness here, How do you stick the bubble wrap! I would love to try this in my cold rooms. Do you stick to window or frame!

bella430, Jun 11, 9:35am

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