O/T Anyone been rung by a high school student for.

sikeres, Jun 3, 9:11am
,, a survey this evening!Allegedly the teacher told them to ring at this time for a questionaire, according to the student.I told the student that the only phone calls I accept at this hour of the night are from overseas friends and family, not high school student surveys.I asked why my phone number and she said the phone book, which is fair enough.I asked if her parents were there and could I speak to them, which then became a speech/screech that she was old enough to be on her own and they were out.Couldn't argue with that!She said what would be an acceptable time to ring, and I suggested 4 or 5 in the afternoon and she said I will call you tomorrow.My response was no, please don't.

Anyone else had a phone call from a high school student, in the North West, doing a survey this evening!

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