OT Royal Blue School uniform ?(Cardi & Jumpers)

leaving4oz, May 23, 8:00am
Can anyone tell me where I can get Royal Blue Cardi or Jumpers please without monogram school logos etc !

juliakate97, May 23, 8:28am
I bought a royal blue jersey from Postie plus. Not sure if they have cardis, but worht a look.

angefd1, May 24, 2:52am
what size do you need

saskianz, May 24, 8:34am
I have a v neck jersey to list if you want.Size 42".We got sick of the Postie ones and went to the menswear shop in Bush Inn who do school uniforms.I have also had a fleece listed in this colour.

ted-e-bare, May 24, 8:40am
Postie Plus Eastgate should have them I think.

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