Belfast people .anyone lost a grey fluffy kitten?

pip4, May 23, 6:15am
If so it is at my house.poor little mite, just skin and bone.and so cute.
Cant take it to SPCA or Cats protection as I know they are chocca.but I dont want another please someone claim it.

mandas, May 23, 6:37am
Awwww, hope someone claims it.

brightspark, May 23, 6:37am
Can you post a pic please!

lindylambchops1, May 23, 6:38am
Hope Fluffy is claimed soon!

unkwsolutions, May 23, 7:00am
Poor wee mite. Contact these people and they may help.This is from their website.
If you have found or lost a cat locally feel free to contact Nicky on 03 313 2499 with a photo and detailed description with a request to list it on our page. Check back here regularly if you are looking for a lost cat.

pip4, May 23, 8:13am
Thanks, will try to get pic tomorrow.right now we finally have him settled and quiet .for now that is!

pip4, May 23, 8:13am
Have you lost a kitten!

mattburnip, May 23, 10:08am
hey i lost my dozer a few months ago up and gone never to be seen i tryd spca hear and petsonthenet can you please call him dozer and see if he anwser u !i even tryed ccc to see if they had picked up any thing off the road !

mattburnip, May 23, 10:11am
if you put your email address up i can send you pic

pip4, May 23, 9:12pm
do you live in belfast and how old was dozer!i dont think this little mite is going to make it.

2bit, May 23, 9:46pm
I hope you've taken it to a vet. Or the SPCA who will pay for a vet.

mattburnip, May 24, 8:42am
no i dont live in belfast but he is been missing for couple months now ! is it a he!

crash01, May 24, 8:48am
yes brightspark as and she lives in redwood so may have traveled much loved

pip4, May 24, 11:02pm
This is a very young kitten.4-6 weeks at most.he is a bit better today, eating and drinking, and only has runny poos if he gulps the food down.

brightspark, May 24, 11:18pm
Sorry for delay in replying, my kitty was older and not fluffy so doesn't sound like him.

angeb2, May 25, 12:45am
awe if he is that young the thing to feed him is evaporated milk mixed with some egg yolk, cows milk or cat food will just give him diarrhea edited to add this is what we were told from the spca when our cat was run over leaving four 3week old kittens, they thrived on this mix and no runny poohs :)

nutty-jay, May 25, 2:33am
Aw if he doesnt find his home, ill have him/her!

mattburnip, May 25, 3:46am
mine wasent that young eather :(

pooks3, May 25, 3:49am
oh, op if you can't find the kittens home, i can come and collect it from you, have been thinking of getting a cat for a while

smoff79, May 25, 7:18am
if it has blue eyes then it is under 6 will need a vet care out there may be able to help you out give them a call.

pip4, Jun 4, 9:23am
UPDATE .Enzo (as in Ferrari) did indeed survive and is doing very well.
I contacted Cats protection for advice, but got none .then my SIL advised to give a mixture of cornflour and milk to help with the runny poos.she was given this advice from a vet .and it worked.even with the runny poos he was making progress, but once it stopped he has made huge progress.
Now he is eating like a piglet, playing like a kitten should, and sorting out the large dog!
So here he stays.

overtt, Jun 4, 9:30am
on ya Pip!

kelsta2, Jun 4, 9:42am
oh wow.that is so awesome.yay for pip4

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