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deejayrobbied, May 25, 3:29am
I was at school this afternoon with that EQ and was horrified to see only a couple of classes got the kids under the desks.Two of my sons classes just carried on.Do your schools have regular drills!I would have thought the bell would have gone and the kids would have evacuated (even if only a drill) but nothing.The kids were all talking about it at 3 o'clock but seem to be accepting the quakes quite well. The emergency kits should all be rolled out but only saw the principal running around checking the classes quickly.Should there be or is there a procedure for the larger shakes.We are in the East so I think there should be.

chatsmom, May 25, 3:30am
I just got the text from school saying all's well - at 3.27pm and they've been home for 15 mins!!

charlieb2, May 25, 3:32am
Sounds like it all carried on pretty much as usual.We did get a text within minutes to say all was well and school finishing at usual time

deejayrobbied, May 25, 3:35am
I know it wasn't big but when the big one happens are the kids going to be ready!No text from our school even though the system is in place.Maybe I am over thinking it all :)I just know in Feb they were not prepared at all.

charlieb2, May 25, 3:39am
I would suggest you bring it up with Principal deejay.Find out what their action plan is.etc.

deejayrobbied, May 25, 3:40am
I am going to.I have a child with mental health and won't get under a table anyway, he has never even sat at school, but need to know if something big happened he and my other kids would be safe.I am writing a polite email now to find out their procedures :)

lisa418, May 25, 3:42am
Queenspark school evacuated until the buildings were checked, then we were allowed to take our kids home. Not sure what they would have done if it was in the middle of the day as sometimes a big quake like that could be a foreshock. Parents can sign up to twitter for txts. Impressed.

mumndads_folly, May 25, 3:44am
Our school had an earthquake drill only yesterday! Today My sons class was outside doing sports, they regrouped made sure everyone was ok and then carried on, which I thought was awesome. No need to make a big deal and stress them out when not needed! A few of the kids in the classes got upset so came and sat out on the grass with a few of us mums! Would certainly check with your school what is the process, and how often they have drills.

bantamus, May 25, 3:46am
the Ministry of Education puts it in the hands of the schools board of trustees to make the final decisions regarding emergency response procedures. while the ministry provides generic advice and support, they will not tell the schools what to do unless lives are being put at risk.

some schools have adopted the mantra of not putting kids under desks etc to help normalise the situation and stop kids getting stressed and panicked . makes some sense but .

indigojo, May 25, 3:47am
My older two go to Kaiapoi Borough. It was pretty big out here. Kids turtle'd then parents took them home (school usually finishes at 2.45). Usually they all go to the field to be counted, and wait for parents to pick up. Principal sends out a tweet asap.
Master 5 was in the Life caravan - he said it was pretty rocky in there!.

dreamingofbali, May 25, 3:53am
Excellent decision. Always best to take action 'in the moment''. Wish everyone would be so proactive when they notice things that are not 'right' - when noone says anything, nothing changes.

dolfee, May 25, 3:54am
My daughters school took everyone out onto the back field

emvuli, May 25, 3:59am
I do wonder if we are becoming a little to complacent with the aftershock's. They are so normal that we dont really bother to stop for any longer than the shake itself

deejayrobbied, May 25, 4:05am
I agree, sometimes I feel a little like that, but still think the schools should be on the ball and keep on top of making sure the kids know where to to go and what to do.Red zone in town has been shut down, the schools could at least evacuate for a moment to do even a roll call, then check the classes and if safe carry on the day.This is going to happen for years, school will be disrupted for a while yet.

bananna15, May 25, 4:20am
I just want to point out, the red zone in town has being shut down because of the area the work in.The are currently in a demolition site.Where as a school is not.Im sure if it was big enough the teacher would have alerted them to get under their desk. When it happened did you go to a door frame or get under a desk!

Everybody in chch is getting used to it, but when we do get worried we either do what we need to or ask for help.Sometimes when you make a bigger deal out of them it freaks the kids out more.

mickee1, May 25, 4:33am
I had just parked at school so was inside pretty quickly, all the children had turtled, and all were taken out to the field until things were checked and roll call taken.The school has also had all parents provide contact details and a non-perishable snack for our child to go in the emergency kit (not given out today).Very impressed with their efficiency and care.

hutt, May 25, 4:45am
Got text from Windsor School at 2:52pm to say "Big rumble here, all children safe and assembled on back courts". Entire school assembled outside. Teachers in hi vis. One person with megaphone. Children ticked off class lists as parents collected them.

robyn35, May 25, 4:56am
was at windsor school when it hit, as usual the teachers were amazing, and within seconds had the children assembled on the back court, doing role calls and then signing the children out as the parents arrived.Nothing but praise for how they have handled every single earthquake.

lyttelton2, May 25, 5:00am
Had just arrived over in Lyttelton-totally unaware of it (for a change), kids were finishing off day in usual manner, everyone calm. Teacher commented that the kids acknowledged it then carried on. - Didn't apparently feel as big as the 4.8 last Sunday afternoon. The tunnel remained open.

tony9, May 25, 5:59am
I don't think so.Most people have realised that the quakes don't cause schools etc. to collapse and most that would fall has already fallen.

pommie777, May 25, 6:16am
Ditto. Today is the first time I have picked our girls up after one. Usually hubby does it, but he was in Wellington today. It happened just as my school finished and most of our kids had been dismissed, so we didn't do our evacuation procedure. Probably lucky for me, as I was able to get straight down to Windsor for the girls. We're really happy with all they do with all the quakes.

porkypig6, May 25, 9:56am
Schools all have drills and evacuation proceedures in place. Over where I work it was a good couple but was ok to keep going once done as better for the students to focus on this rather than be out of school and class all the time as lets face it a lot of them try this anyway in all schools so no major disruptions.:)

jessebird, May 25, 10:04am
I reckon everyone just getting used to them and carry on as usual.

emmaj26, May 25, 7:39pm
I'm over the south side of town, it wasn't that bad over here. We felt it, but took us a while to recognise it as a shake, because our classrooms are so shagged anyway (need to be rebuilt) that we just thought people next door were moving around. Only realised when it didn't stop after a while. I made the decision just to tell the children to stay where they were - it wasn't bad enough to get under desks, and we were working with very messy materials which would mean a huge clean up job! The teacher next door panicked (as usual) which creates a tense atmosphere with the kids.

We have had the same magnitude a lot closer to school, and I can tell you that we evacuated! It really does depend on how it's felt where you are.

slimgym, May 25, 7:49pm
good idea just carry on best for the kids I think

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