Want to guess which insurance company?

rmd4, May 25, 8:13am
We are a rebuild. Carpets and drapes are total loss and replacement under contents policy. I submitted quote to insurance company last month. Insurance company dont like the quote, want to do their own. Today got a phone call from local business wanting to come do a measure up. Only problem,house demolished 14 months ago.

jamesnmatt, May 25, 8:14am

luluweezie, May 25, 8:14am

rmd4, May 25, 8:14am

jenynew, May 25, 8:15am

kiwicarol, May 25, 8:17am
UNless you exhausted your contents cover under eqc for a specific event EQC pay for them at a set rate.
Edited to add and if you were demolished EQC should have paid out for them on confirmation of the demo.

rmd4, May 25, 8:18am
Such faith, where is the love, and no not AMI

puddles11, May 25, 8:19am

rmd4, May 25, 8:27am
Sorry puddles. Aint it.

Thread closed for now. Will post again if isnt resolved next week. Night all.

puddles11, May 25, 8:29am
Wait, come back!

Vero! Vero! Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr-

winnie54, May 25, 11:59am

dalkemade, May 26, 1:35am
Surely its State

shazza351, May 26, 5:57am
Gotta be STATE

buzzi1, May 26, 6:21am

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