Anyone want FREE clothing for 5yr girl?

timarubogan, May 28, 6:15am

ll59, May 28, 6:18am
You folk are just awesome, I do have 5 yr old granddaughter in Chch but I think she is ok for clothes so the Sallies would be a great place to send them too.

timarubogan, May 28, 9:45pm
plz feel free to join our facebook group
it all about paying it forward no $ involved

jamesnmatt, Jun 5, 12:54am
pssst - this post started June LAST year.

dam11, Jun 30, 2:05am
I have some winter pj's, some t-shirts, leggings and a hoody, just pay some towards postage if you can and they are all yours.wasnt sure whether to put in here or not, dont want to offend or upset, just thought someone might know someone in need of stuff who may have lost items or cant afford clothing right now.have been lucky enough to get some free stuff myself and want to pay it forward.thanks,.

fordy1110, Jun 30, 2:09am
Lovely that's so sweet. shame my girl is 8 lol, Id love to take them and pay. Have a great day. :)

fordy1110, Jun 30, 2:10am
That was a few months ago! I heard that on more fm and someone on here posted about she was cooking then left or something., But sad to lose so much.

dam11, Jun 30, 2:11am
I am going through daughters clothing today, she has some SZ 8-10 that are too small so will post another thread later, thanks.

dam11, Jun 30, 2:12am
ah well if anyone knows of anyone in need, let me know.will check back later, thanks!

hayleynadam, Jun 30, 2:13am
donate them to some where like womans refuge or the salvation army., that house fire in halswell got alot of help from people so would be nice to see them go to somebody who needs them.

fordy1110, Jun 30, 2:13am
so true, esp at the moment it's winter, and really cold brrr.
Nz has such lovley people :) some stories can bring tears to the eye's.

fordy1110, Jun 30, 2:15am
Cool your so sweet, children grow so fast, :)

simba79, Jun 30, 2:32am
Agree.womens refuge would be a great place,seems they are really busy and have alot of women with kids

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