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cassina1, Jan 7, 6:44am
Dont know why they need Gazebos if its indoors as they make the stalls so dark

slimgym, Jan 7, 9:44am
a pie with mashed potatoe and musy peas lovely

tazzaboy2, Jan 7, 9:45am
jaffa truffles! now they sound yum!

stan202, Jan 8, 2:19am
pleased i went for a look, wouldn't bother to go again, nothing worth buying, had a kebab this was all pre cooked early in the morning berrrk bypassed this one as the cooked chicken chicken was sitting in the sun

craftylady1, Jan 8, 6:33am
The jaffa truffles are well as the mint ones. The girl who makes those is a poster in these threads.cant rem her

harrislucinda, Jan 8, 8:17am
yehsameherecalledinto daydid.ntbuy anythingbutmore stalls arrivingnextweek

coralsnake, Jan 8, 12:15pm
AKA pea, pie & pud.[as in spud].

Years ago our diary did a pie with mash topped with thin sliced raw onion & beetroot slices.

babyluthi, Jan 9, 2:28am
How does it compare with the Riccarton Sunday Market anyone!

redphoenix3, Jan 9, 3:26am
is there cheap things to take the kids there to spend their $$ ! or is itmore designed for people with wads of cash and not shiny gold coins!

nessies1, Jan 9, 3:47am
Went on the weekend but wasnt impressed, mostly food stalls there at the mo, hopefully it will increase in size with a wider variety of stalls.

jamieandliza, Jan 10, 7:05am
Did you actually go inside! lol, If anything there isn't enough food! I found it was a good variety compared to Riccarton that has a lot of the same things, yes it is smaller but the variety is great

slimgym, Jan 10, 7:22am
thats whats missing the onion and the beetroot still nice though

craftylady1, Jan 10, 7:39am
well.i really like it there and go most weekends to support the people.after all, if there is no support, the stall holders wouldnt go. Rome wasnt built in a day, and nor will be this market.or as Rachel Hunter says."It wont happen overnight, but it will happen"

cest_moi, Jan 11, 5:42am
The cupcake lady is ME! Hi everyone, thanks for the awesome feedback - our flavours change every week and we always have gluten free. something for everyone! You can find me on facebook, to keep up with the flavours and any special deals we have.

shakirafan, Jan 11, 5:44am
Mmmmm cupcakes. Did you use to be at the arts centre on weekends!

craftylady1, Jan 11, 5:59am
Ohhh.snd those jaffa and mint balls were to die for

cest_moi, Jan 11, 6:18am
@sharkirafan No, I never attended a market until August last year. I'm just starting out in the big bright world :)
@craftylady1 I'm quite a fan of the cupcake bites too - I've been working through a caramel packet this week :)

slimgym, May 30, 9:55pm
Opening again this saturday just on radio

craftylady1, Dec 18, 12:31am
I know this has been discussed before. Went again today and lots more stalls. Some nice Xmas goodies. Got some super delicious jaffa truffles from the cupcake lady.yum yum!

charlieb2, Dec 18, 12:58am
Is it only on Saturdays or Sunday too!

ryanm2, Dec 18, 1:06am
all weekend, yummy yum yum yummy yum.

charlieb2, Dec 18, 1:08am
oh cool. thanks ryanm

craftylady1, Dec 18, 1:21am
9-3 (i think) Sat and Sundays.and open next Sat as well

craftylady1, Dec 18, 1:22am
Well gabba, u will be able to buy some marmalade there for next weeks toast

luluweezie, Dec 18, 3:10am
Thanks for the great reminder -- we will try to get there tomorrow!

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