So how many kids won't have a school jersey this

2bit, May 28, 11:34pm

go_redandblack, May 28, 11:49pm
The uniform jerseys aren't so warm anyway.

jamesnmatt, May 28, 11:54pm
depends if they were waiting on Bambi to fill their orders i guess.

czbsr04, May 28, 11:57pm
Yeah well they aint cheap

charlieb2, May 29, 12:02am
You're terrible muriel~

chatsmom, May 29, 3:37am
Mine's already lost hers - only cost $90 at the beginning of this year!

smellykelly, May 29, 3:42am
they can have one if my kids - mr 6 refuses to wear a jersey!

katriana, May 29, 4:57am
I've got some brand new ones if anyone is desperate. Royal Blue V neck. I have a size 6, an 8, and 2 x size 10

craftee, May 29, 5:15am
If anyone is desperate for an AGHS jersey let me know, second hand but in good condition, may have dog hair on it but from a smokefree home :)Fits a 14 yr old who usually wears size 10 womens. Will be listing the rest of the uniform eventually but if someone is really struggling I don't mind giving away the jersey to keep someone warm.

lambrat, May 29, 6:36am
crikey i must list the kid's last SBHS jersey asap, i bought him yet another one for his final year last year and it looks like mint condition.

2bit, May 29, 7:36am
You could take it down to the school and ask them to rehome it. Do they have a uniform shop thing!

luluweezie, May 29, 7:43am
I saw they had some at SaveMart in New Brighton today, but sorry I didn't take note of how many or sizes. The girl who works there is pretty friendly, she'd probably have a quick look for you if you ring and tell her what you're looking for.

maddog007, May 29, 9:43am
school uniforms are a complete rip off, there needs to be a govt investigation, its not fair, people with kids tend to do it tough already, let alone spending way too much on basic apparel for school. which usually gets lost.

lindaquinn, May 29, 9:47am
Yeah I saw some at savemart in town yesterday. I was looking for school pants. I have no issue with uniforms and I'm low income. Damn site cheaper than buying the labelled stuff they want otherwise!

2bit, May 29, 9:47am
I agree. How can it possibly cost $90 for a bloody school jersey when you can buy a wool jersey from somewhere like Postie for half that!

micnic, May 29, 9:53am
Take it down to the school noffice I know a couple of girls in miss 13 class have been helped out with kilts this year.

kletis1, May 29, 9:56am
hahaha Postie Plus, their uniforms are crap.Poor quality and over priced.We bought culottes for our daughter 2 yrs ago,and got her a new pair 2 weeks about going down in standards.the fabric was flimsy.and they cost $45.we replaced her two winter tops for $86. I said to partner, "how the hell do the parents at her school afford that" the avonside kilt was thin as also. yay for Bambi drapery!

kiwimum, May 29, 9:58am
Craftee would you have a aghs cardi you want to Sell! Miss 15 is having a problem with her jersey this year

maddog007, May 29, 10:00am
our uniforms are from postie plus, the are still a rip. $35+ for some track pants that tear at the knee's after a month. & they are the same size as a nice pair of adult shorts.

angusmum, May 29, 10:02am
Mine won't have any if they keep loosing them lol

kletis1, May 29, 10:02am
yeah whats with their sizing,our girl is 9 this yr and her new culottes are a 6.and still too asian crap if you ask me.

maddog007, May 29, 11:09am
agree, same age, she skinny, but we always find it hard to get the length vs loose waist ratio right, & the never seem to have much in stock that fits.

groovyroseanne, May 29, 11:43am
I hate the school winter jersey's
About $50 for one, for a 5 year old, (who loses stuff constantly. Lost her hat within 2 days of being at school)
Im all for uniform, But im really disappointed with the winter jersey's as they are not warm at all. I have to send my girl in a skivvy, pinafore, light jersey and the polarfleece jersey over top.

medicina, May 30, 4:28am
Many schools are moving to more economic options.My children's school has a colour for the top and one for the bottom --if you are clean and tidy and in the right colours then there's no drama.There is a uniform list and monogrammed options but they're not too strict about it.

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