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maddy78, Jun 1, 8:35pm
we had bad experiences with Tower sounds like lumleys is quite good

cloffie, Jun 1, 8:56pm
Tower is "moody" ![male employees must be having mid life crisis!]
We bickered and b******* from Sept 2010
From Jan this year things have improved immensley with a female case manager.
Sun 20th EQ pipes snapped and pool pump ran dry [I was out at the time]
Pioneer Pools Came out Monday morningand spoke to my case manager ,new pump installed Tuesday morning so business as usual with not one $ lost in income

roodlez, Jun 1, 8:57pm
We were insured with Lumley through SBS bank and they were brilliant throughout the quake stuff (red zoned). We now only have contents/car with them as the house is gone.
Our Claims Manager was lovely, nothing was too much trouble - we were paid out mid-late last year, and we came out of it ok purely thanks to them (not the government house offer, which would have seen us in debt!). Seeing what some people are going through with other insurance companies I can now see just how lucky we were.

I think the policy you get may depend on the bank you go through, I didn't see the Fair Go story, but I understand that was through Westpac. There was nothing in our policy about any 60 day vacancy period, so it may be the combination of Westpac and Lumley rather than just Lumley itself that was the issue here!

In any case, I think with any insurance company, how you get treated on a claim depends on a) knowing your policy well and b) perhaps a bit of luck on the person who you end up with managing your claim.

jamesnmatt, Jun 1, 10:45pm
we've had impeccable service from Tower - nothing has been too much trouble.

I do note this is an old thread, prior to AMI splitting up to Southern Response, which seems to make them now more useless than a fish with a bicycle.Also State/IAG seem to be rubbish as well.

gunton1, Jun 2, 8:06am
I note what jamesnmatt says about this being an old thread, but I do have to add that while I am happy that they and 1 or 2 others above have had a good experience with Tower, our experience has been just the opposite.I have heard their female case managers are better however.NZI are providing insurance on the house we are now purchasing so I hope they are as good as people said upthread.I was brand loyal to Tower, had a lot of insurance with them.Now I would strongly advise anyone thinking of doing business with Tower to be very very careful.

smoth_007, Jun 2, 8:15am
Lumleys - highly recommended.

jane40, Aug 25, 8:41am
I had a bad experience, 10 years ago.Only a kitchen fire, took forever to get sorted so i changed insurance companies but tonight they are on fairgo.we pay them for years and dont make a claim.we dont know who good they are until we make a claim.please tell us who is good and who is bad!

urbanrefugee54, Aug 25, 8:44am
I saw that fairgo program & yes it's a worry when you pay insurance & when you have a claim they treat you like a criminal or split hairs [& cough hairballs] over minor things. Westpac are the ones that don't look good in this story. feel sorry for the couple.

david_270, Aug 25, 8:45am
You don't get a choice now, you are stuck with whoever you have got.
Generally Lumleys have been getting a good rap, Tower is at the other end of the scale.

jane40, Aug 25, 8:48am
My mortgage is with westpac so when i had a problem with my claim 10 years ago i moved to wespac and now im worried as im with wespac/lumley

jane40, Aug 25, 8:52am
please tell me some good stories.if im paying insurance for peace of mind i want to know the good stories

bundy30, Aug 25, 8:55am
NZI are good, AMI are good.

coopermk1, Aug 25, 8:59am
I reckon everyone will have good storys and bad storys.I've heard nothing but great things about AA insurance through the earthquakes.

Tower have been totally crap for us. not calling us once.They have not fronted to any meetings like all the others have. didnt even go to the cera thing they organised i'm told.

urbanrefugee54, Aug 25, 9:02am
we are with State. but most of the damage we have is through eqc.

poppy41, Aug 25, 9:03am
I have a friend that owns a small insurance company & he told me once all the companys to stay away from & who is the best to insure with for different things.
He's a pretty on to it guy & i have to ring him this week so I will ask again & post here as I have a sieve like brain i forgot all the info he told me.

klestore, Aug 25, 9:18am
Rather than try and work out which is the best insurance company, find and use a good broker. They will look after your best interests, they won't cost you any more (technically should cost you less), and they have established relationships with the insurers which can be invaluable at the time of making a claim.
You don't need to own multiple property to use a broker, anyone can use one.

timmytime2, Aug 25, 9:19am
are you guys talking about tower! we paid them for years and they declined our claim when we were burgled. Treated us like scum. Many people hate tower. So glad I'm not with them now.

klestore, Aug 25, 9:21am
Must also add that I hate State, and they were why I got a broker!

urbanrefugee54, Aug 25, 9:58am
I think the fairgo progam named westpac & lumleys & I think it was a combination of the both of them that declined the claim & not the insurance co. which meant that the couple are still having to pay both mortgage & insurance on a pile of burnt our corriagated iron in Otago.

esawers, Aug 25, 10:17am
dealing with ami and nzi on two seperate properties for the earthquake. haven't heard from ami once (i emailed them and a lady rang me back a month later and was very very helpful though)
nzi have been great, seem very on to it with communication

mismuffet, Aug 25, 10:19am
we're with FMG and they've been fantastic since the quake, we had 5 of their staff on our front lawn on September 4 at 2pm.They've continued to have great communication and have gone above and beyond all expectations.

bootsy2003, Aug 25, 10:22am
dealing with ami and amp on 2 separate property claims since February (both driveways & fence) - not heard from ami, but amp have been very onto it, hopefully sounds like some action on driveway very soon

cyco, Aug 25, 10:53am
You will get good and bad, good when claim paid and good communication, bad when you get an answer you don't expect.but there are always two sides to a story. Never had a bad experience with insurance but do use a broker, they understand the contract and guide you when needed

kyle0703, Aug 25, 10:58am
Lumleys has had nothing but praise it seems so far

addington261, Aug 25, 1:25pm
We are with AMP and they are fantastic.

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