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chef1964, May 28, 9:58pm

just in case anyone has kids on that particular bus ok

emvuli, May 28, 10:00pm
Just read this also. What was the bus driver thinking!
Hope all 7 kids and the adult that have been taken to hospital are all ok :o)

ken158, May 28, 10:01pm
Richardson Tce.

Is that the area where there is a low bridge!

emvuli, May 28, 10:03pm
Yup, where when i drive under with my kids i tell them to duck because it seem's that low lol. Takes you out on to opawa rd i think it is

jules340, May 28, 10:03pm
Bus a bit too high then

saffa2, May 28, 10:05pm
I remember when I was in chch years ago the factory truck went that way on a delivery, got stuck on the way back empty truck higher.

temekoflower, May 28, 10:05pm
I lived on richardson tce for a while few years back. I dont know how many times fire engines had to come and cut the top of trucks and buses that thought they would make it under.

chef1964, May 28, 10:12pm
i hate to say it but some bus drivers Ive met over the years are hardly the sharpest tools in the shed.
like the previous person i just hope the kids are ok and the driver of this loser cruiser gets to lose his job over endangering the little kids

luluweezie, May 28, 10:17pm
Oh man, that must've been soooo scary for the kids. Stupid driver!

barneymiller, May 28, 10:29pm
I saw the bus its obvious it would not have fitted under the bridge the drivermust of been really stupid to do something like that.

chef1964, May 28, 10:34pm
exactly Barney.and sadly there's no known cure for stupid

only sensible answer is to make sure this turkey cannot endanger anymore people by not allowing him to drive a passenger service vehicle ever again

micnic, May 28, 10:59pm
This makes me really angry I go under that bridge every day and for a bus to do it the bus driver had to be a complete moron very obvious it wouldn't fit. Accidents happen thisis not an accident its stupidity.

1973cb, May 28, 10:59pm
What an idiot bus driver,hope he gets sacked ,those poor children.They were meant to be in safe hands.Everyone knows that any vehicle other than a car cant fit under those rail bridges ,if one of my kids was on that bus i would be making alot of noise.

harrislucinda, May 28, 11:09pm
i seeitisaredbusIsthattherouteitgoesto schoolifnotwhatwashedoinggoing thatwayIlivedin woolstonmanyyearsagoandknowthebridge

nicsta4, May 29, 4:41am
I hope the kids and adults and the DRIVER are all ok. Oh it must be so nice to be perfect like some of the people on here seem to be maybe they could replace the bus driver seen they think they are perfect. Yes it was a bad mistake but no one is perfect. I hope the driver keeps his job and will return to work soon as he can.

thepuppydad, May 29, 4:49am
I agree.I see the kids are so upset and the video here

digga7, May 29, 5:03am
I'm a truck driver and I'm the first to pipe up when people are bagging drivers but this guy is a complete idiot. I take my 4x4 under there on occasion and my Ariel scrapes on the second bridge heading towards Woolston.

There's no way a bus would even make it under the first bridge. I hope this guy loses his licence as he gives other drivers a bad name.

chef1964, May 29, 5:04am
i read hes been driving for the company for a whole 3 months now. hardly a very experienced driver.
and I've also heard people say it wasn't his ( the drivers) fault. ok so whose fault was it !
an accident ! ok so how did he not see the large very low bridge whilst driving his large quite high bus !

mattthetubaguy, May 29, 5:09am
that rail bridge! why the hell would a bus even try to go under THERE!!
I remember a couple of years ago, a truck did that over near the tunnel entrance/gondola.

pam.delilah, May 29, 5:53am
seemed a strange way to go. Would have been better off going straight down Ferry road.
Do not bus driver get training in thinking or work out their routes before hand. Not a good look for Red Bus

maree37, May 29, 6:25am
My 11 year old was on that bus and went to hosptial with a cut lip (they thought it had glass in it)All 7 that went to hosptial are ok just a few cuts abd brusies. Stupid driver could have really hurt my baby and 26 other children.The hardest part for the kids is that they all missed out on the cross conutry.

joy1010, May 29, 7:32am
We have seen so 4 accidents at that bridge. I cant understand why they done put a large sign before the bridge likeWARNING TRUCKS AND HIGH VEHICLES. LOW BRIDGE.They obviously need some reminder by the number of accidents that have happened there.

micnic, May 29, 9:59am
Glad you boy is ok I honestly cant fathom what the driver was thinking, Did the adults on the bus not realise what he was doing surely they must have said something when he went past Sullivan ave! at least the kids are ok.

arjl, May 29, 10:03am
The bus driver should have gone to spec savers Lol!

I am really glad that the kids and their teachers are all ok- the bumps and scratches will heal, and it could have been so much worse

xmakara, May 29, 10:55am
I'm not a local so I had a peek on Google Earth.
Far out! What was the driver THINKING! Even the Google Car couldn't go underneath the bridge with it's camera!

And I'm very surprised about the lack of signs too, normally there would be a black and gold retangular sign with the maximum height on bridges like those.

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