Purple Patch

russellw, Apr 1, 8:59am
Purple Patch opening 10 aprilcnr Manning place and Ferry road.

lyttelton2, Apr 1, 9:19am
It's right opposite Shell Ferry Road, and has a fish and chip shop on the opposite corner. There was a Pacific Island shop there previously. It's painted white and (wait for it).purple trim! I think they're aiming to open on the10 April (!)

fepixie, Apr 1, 12:06pm
theres some large purple patches in my garden - some are lavender and some are pansies and some borage and some tweedia and some purple vervain :)*giggle*

teddy481, Aug 22, 1:10am
Does anyone know where they are now!

micnic, Aug 22, 1:15am
ring the number in the phone book. We no longer have a shop but hopefully can get you what you want.

tsin65, Aug 22, 1:20am
I thought it was something you have rather than somewhere you go.

bazyak, Aug 22, 2:23am
purple patch on ferry road not far from ensors rd

ibcreative, Aug 22, 2:48am
It hasn't been there since the earthquakesthough as far as I know.

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