Queenspark school after school care

lisa921, Apr 1, 7:26am
Can someone help me find information on it. I know it exists but I can't find anything on the queenspark website.

jacinta.r, Apr 1, 7:40am
Tyr this link. it's listed as #3 on the map :-) with search on parklands, canterbury.

merlin2004, Apr 1, 9:53am
http://www.littlestars.net.nz/There is a lady in broadhaven street that works for these,pretty sure they do after school care ,hope that helps .

guardy, Apr 2, 1:18am
There is definately one there.It's run in the old hall.I have a feeling it's not OSCAR any more though.Give the officea ring, they'll soon point you in the right direction.

chch21, Apr 2, 5:48am
I think its called "Fun 4 Us" now.

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