Bookarama Burnside High School fantastic!

kkiwi_nz, Apr 11, 11:43pm
I just filled a banana box of as new books for Miss 10 for $13 . Never been before and highly recommend!

planespotterhvn, Apr 12, 7:03am
its for a good it too late to give more books!

woodsboro, Apr 12, 7:13am
Is it on in the weekend!

kkiwi_nz, Apr 12, 10:20pm
Yes they will still take your books and yes its on through the weekend. Starts 10am daily

planespotterhvn, Apr 14, 7:54am
Who has been! Good books! dvds! Game discs, video cassettes!

woodsboro, Apr 14, 7:57am
Huge book selection - all paperbacks $2. Not sure about the other things, by the time I made it to the 3rd paperback table (out of about 12) I had two full bags so I decided it was time to leave! Definitely worth going. Secondhand books are so overpriced in Chch so it was great to stock up for $2 each.

Oh, and they have eftpos as well so you don't need to get cash out before you go.

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